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Monday, 2 July 2012

Cavalry Tactics: the Detachment

Age of Empires Online, Tactic: Cavalry Detachment (Greek Sarissophoroi)

Since (at time of writing) the main game I have been playing is AoEO, and (at the time of writing) the servers are currently down for maintenance I thought I would share with everyone a simple tactic on how to use Sarissophoroi as a Cavalry Detachment rather than in your main force.

While this tactic is predominately for Greeks, the principle is flexible enough to be used for a lot of other units, and even at a push, with regular (non-specialist) troops.

Before I go into the tactic, its important to understand the concept of a 'Detachment' and in AoEO, why Sari work extremely well in this situation.

In Military Terms, a detachment is a unit separated from the main force to fulfil a specific duty. Often specialist in nature. Sarissophoroi fit easily into this category, being an anti-ranged cavalry unit. They are specialists, and being cavalry are faster moving alone as a detachment than they are rolling along with a conventional infantry based force.

In PvE it doesn’t matter where you build your Stables, just remember to rally your Saris away from your main force.

In PvP the Sari detachment is designed to be a small specialist unit, employed to swing a battle in your favour, and not part of the conventional force. Try to build your Stables to the rear of your base, or at least rally your Sari away from your main force, in a place your opponent is unlikely to scout.

The initial set-up as the two armies approach will look something like this,

It doesn’t matter where you position your Sari's as long as they are not moving with your main force, and not part of the main combat.

Once the two armies meet, order your Sari detachment to move past the combat, at a safe distance as to not attract enemy attention.

Then when the combat is in full swing, have your Sari descend on the exposed enemy Archers!

If you have read my previous article on Infantry Line Withdrawal, then you have the perfect combination and knowledge to totally destroy a enemy force with minimum casualties to yourself.

Thanks for reading.

Happy gaming (once the servers are back up at least!)


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