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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

AoEO Competition: And the Winner is...

Thanks to everyone for taking part in the competition to win a 'Hammer of Kaveh'

As promised I used to select the winner.
The 2 photos below validate as best they can that the draw was fair.

And the winner is....

Congrats dude!

Please let me know the account you want the item mailed to, or let me know a time we can meet in game and I will transfer.

For the rest of the folks.. thanks for entering. If you message me, or leave your game name below I will send you a random epic from my stash as an appreciation of your efforts!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

2013: Rules version 003

Howdy folks,

The closing date for entries is rapidly approaching,  and I am far from finished!
Here is version 003 of the rules, edited to read a little better and includes new rules for the following,

- Doors and Window
- Walls and Climbing

Aside from one last rewrite, in which I hope to add photos for the examples, now its just a case of deciding what to drop from the rules. At least for this competition entry. I will continue to work on the game outside of the competition, until whenever!

Version 003 of the rules -

And for ease of printing, a block of 4 ground floor templates for Terrace Houses -


Saturday, 28 July 2012

Speed Painting Wyatt Earp, 25mm Cowboy

Disclaimer: this isn’t actually Wyatt Earp, but it reminded me of Kevin Costner from the film.
In actual fact I must apologise that I don’t know the manufacturer of this model. I picked it up from a show a couple of years back. If anyone knows I will update as required.

A thread over at TMP posed the question, 'How important is speed when finishing an army', which had me thinking back to 'Speed Painting' that I saw at a show one time.

I decided to run my own less-than-scientific experiment to see how fast I could complete a miniature. Armed with my mobile phone stopwatch, a brush, and a brief selection of paints I set to work.

This is the result!

As for time taken... well, I shall post here in a few days, for now I am open to guesses, and... I might even throw in a prize for the closest guess!

Some pointers to bare in mind,

I undecorated the model, but I did NOT speed clean it. The reason for this is I use a sharp knife to trim excess flash, speed knife wielding I didn’t think would be a good idea...

I use a hair dryer on my models to speed up paint drying.

I pre-selected all the paints I would use, and opened the lids on them prior to starting.

Clue: Its best to guess a number between 5 and 15 minutes, guess to the nearest second is fine.


AoEO Competition Update!

Wow! Thanks to all the people who have sent their entries in so far!

Its like Dawn of the Ancient Dead, in a cartoony kinda way!

You can tell there has been a lot of effort put into making these, I may have to double my own efforts in the game so I can send all contestants at least some gold for supporting this competition.

The 'Hammer of Kaveh' is still the main prize though, it is still sat in my inventory, waiting the lucky winner of the draw.

For those reading this that don’t know the game 'Age of Empires Online', here is the link to the game -

And for the competition, here is the forum thread -

And... here are the entries,





cG Trolerkules

Orson Lime






Thanks for reading and taking part. If you can spare a few minutes, please support my entry into the 2012 Print and Play Design Competition over at by giving my rule-set a read through and letting me know your feedback!

My game rules -

thanks folks!

Friday, 27 July 2012

2013: Scenario Update, added 'Fort Nigel'

Its the end of the world. You have survived. You are surviving.. barely..
You are running low on supplies, you havent eaten for a couple of days. You need a break.

You and your fellow survivors have come across Nigel Banks, barricaded in his well stocked home. Nigel has food and water to spare. But its his.

What are you going to do? Appeal to this Survivors humanity and ask for aid? Or storm and attack 'Fort Nigel'?

Play the scenario now -


Painting Models in 3 Easy Steps

Quick Guide to Painting

As a youngster I remember reading a painting guide in an old copy of Wargames Illustrated, and what struck me the most about this guide is that I had to turn the page to continue reading the article it was that long!

There was something epic like 48 steps, which although covered everything in great detail I couldn’t help but think 'talk about taking the long way round', especially as I looked at the pile of 80 High Elves in front of me (yup, like most children I started out in Fantasy).

Every time I paint a model now I cant help but think back on that old guide, and chuckle. It must have taken the painter hours to finish the model and even longer to write the guide. So, to keep the universe in balance and to show my years of experience I present my guide to painting models, in... 3 steps!

You will need,

1x Undercoated Model. I present Mr Viking

Step 1

Paint the model in block colours. By this I mean, paint his tunic all one colour, all one thickness, the same everywhere. Don’t try and be fancy with painting light to represent shadow, its not worth the time or effort.

The key here is to be crisp and clean.

Step 2

The wash. Some people like to call it the 'Dip', I use a wash method. Instead of dipping the model and having thick gunge all over, take your time, be more precise. Paint the stain on, be liberal with it, but direct it to where you want it. Concentrate on seems in clothing and places that will naturally be shaded.

The end result should be something like your base colour, but darker.

Step 3

Repaint the model. Using your original colours, paint over the majority of the areas, leaving only the areas that are in shade, folds in clothing etc., with a medium to dark brown tinge.

Job done!

Of course if you then want to go ahead and do 10 more steps of further detail on top of this guy, then you can, and you have a great platform to work on as the majority of the painting has been completed in very little time at all.

Thanks for reading, if you want to know anything further, like materials or what 'dip' to use, please don’t hesitate to email me, or post a comment below.


Thursday, 26 July 2012

2013: New map tile and First Scenario

Howdy all,

Just a brief update today, one new map and the first scenario.

The Map -Lockup / Garages
Unfurnished at present, but I will work on that in due course.

The Scenario - 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon'
Can you guide two unfortunate lovers through the streets of the Diseased before night arrives?


Age of Empires Design Competition!

While spending most of my time writing, editing and designing '2013', I still manage to put in a good few hours gaming, and lately the game of choice has been 'Age of Empires Online'

Anyone unfamiliar with this game should check it out. The artwork moves away from the original AoE series, but the game play is still good for an RTS, and its free!

So.. my mind was been going a little like this 'AOEO, Zombies, AOEO, Zombies, AOEO...' and when I picked up a 'Hammer of Kaveh' in the game this morning (a powerful item) that I don’t need, I thought hey, competition time!

Here's the idea...

Choose your favourite unit/advisor/character in the AOEO game and Zombify it!
Mail me the image, or send me a link to it.
I will feature the best ones here on my blog, AND....

Now the small print....
All entries must be your own work, please don’t steal other peoples images.
You must be on (or able to transfer) to the Marathon Server, should you win the prize.
The draw will be made using
Closing Date for the competition is Midnight (BST) August 4th. The winner will be drawn and posted on August the 5th.

Depending on the popularity of this competition I may increase the prize pool (as you can see in the photo I do have other spare Legendary items!).

And, please, if you get the time check out the rules for my 2013 game. You can print it off and try it! Any feedback would be much appreciated.


PS. What y'all think of my attempt?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

2013: An Example Game

2013: 'To the Shop and Back!' a sample game

Howdy folks,

For this update I thought I would give you a brief play through of a level I am working on. This isn’t a set scenario (as its not all that exciting!) but I wanted to demonstrate the rules as they stand so far.

For this game I will be using 3 of my pre-made Survivors team, Jeff Stevens(Body:4 Smarts:4), Stacey Howler(Body:7 Smarts:2) and Stuart Bright (Body:6 Smarts:5). I decided to be nice and give my team a couple of items to help them out. Jeff has a solid piece of wood (weapon +2 Body, Lethality 10) and Stuart has a 'crowbar' (+1 Body, Lethality 9, +4 to Opening Doors).

The Set up

The map is pretty simple – alley, house, road, shop.

The Survivors will begin in the alley
Their goal – to get to the shop, raid it, and return.

For the starting Diseased models, and any future reinforcements we need to number the board sections, with the first alley considered a Survivor safe zone.
We then roll for initial Diseased placement. At the moment I am using a default 1 Diseased per Survivor. You can make this lighter or tougher as you see fit, but 3 is more than enough for a challenge.

The dice are rolled, scoring 2, 3 and 5

And the models placed on the game board

The alley at the side of the house isn’t safe, so its a choice of which house to move through. First the Survivors spread out to check the yard gates. Version 002 of the rules doesn’t include anything on doors. For this game I am testing new rules that will appear in 003, regarding doors and locks.

Jeff informs the team, the door he is at is locked. So is Stuarts. Stacey tells them both to be quiet as she edges closer to the alley, to keep tabs on the Diseased.

One of the items I gave the Survivors is a crowbar. This item is designed to open doors (as well as hit people in combat!) Stuart has the crowbar which gives +4 to Opening Locked Doors. The yard door has a Body value of 10. To succeed in opening the door Stuart needs to roll higher than the doors Body value. As Stuart has a Body of 6, with +4 from the crowbar, any roll on his D10 and the door is open.


The Diseased, when they do not have a target move D10cms in a random direction. Here I use the one D10 and move in the direction of the 'arrow'

Its tough luck, but the Diseased is heading towards our Survivors! Luckily enough they don’t intend to stay there. Turns 2,3 and 4 are used by the Survivors to enter the building and move through it. Nothing much happens so we will pick the action back up on the Survivors Turn 5, when they face a crucial decision.

Here we can see the team assembled at the front door, with the shop across the road. The danger here is the Diseased in the building north of them has moved to the window and is looking out into the street. If the team move out they will be spotted.

They decide to make a run for it, the idea being to get into the shop before the Diseased can exit the building. Diseased once they lose line of sight on Survivors have a good chance of reverting back to random movement (they give up the chase when they cant see what they are running after).
Diseased inside buildings who can see prey outside, tend to go a little mad. First they charge at the window and hit it lots in an effort to get through. Then if that fails they will leave by the nearest exit and head to the area they last saw the Survivor.
Our teams plan of out running the Diseased take a turn for the worse as the Disease manages to smash the window! And falls out onto the street amid shards of glass.
This carries a degree of risk, even for the Diseased. There is a chance the glass does enough damage to cause a mortal wound. The Diseased is lucky here and escapes unharmed.


2013 is not a Zombie slaying game. The idea is not to amass a large body count, but to think tactically. If the players move to engage the Diseased who has crashed through the window, they will be the attackers. Being an attacker means you need a good weapon designed to kill. Stuart has a crowbar, and Jeff has piece of wood. Neither all that lethal.

It is far easier to despatch an opponent who attacks you and fails. Models who lose combat get Knocked to the Ground, and spend their next turn getting up, but both the attacker and defender are still classed as being in combat.

If the Survivors attack, and fail to kill with their weapons (a likely result) all they will achieve is to knock the Diseased to the ground. Which in its turn, will get up and attack them back.

By standing their ground and waiting for the Diseased to attack, the Survivors have several advantages. Firstly if they win combat, the Diseased will be on the ground, then in the Survivors turn they can finish it off. Secondly by standing and fighting where they are, they are closer to their objective (the shop). Finally, the Survivors have a little trick up their sleeves...

The Diseased attacks Jeff!

The Survivors have a special rule called 'Help me Obi Wan!', in which a Survivor who is under attack may call for help from a friendly nearby Survivor. In this case Stacey isn’t about to stand by and watch as Jeff gets eaten and makes a free 4cm move to enter combat to help Jeff.

The two Survivors combine their Body totals (Jeff: 4, Stacey: 7, + weapons, +1D10) against the Diseased who rolls 2D10. The Survivors manage to win the combat and the Diseased is knocked to the ground.


Although they won the last round of combat, and the Diseased is on the ground, it will get up in its next turn and attack again. All three models are therefore still counted as being in combat. The Survivors decide to take no chances and Stuart comes over to help. All 3 of the Survivors now beat on the Diseased, who only rolls 1D10 in defence. The three Survivors combine their Body totals, weapons and a D10 and easily win this round of combat. The Diseased is finished, and the team breathes a sigh of relief!


Each turn the Diseased get a chance of Reinforcements. This is a D10 roll, modified by the actions of the Survivors last turn. In this case the sounds of combat add +1 to the roll. A '10' or higher is needed to attract the attention of nearby Diseased. The die rolls a.... 9! +1 that’s 10! The last fight has attracted something's attention...

The Reinforcement roll uses the same number section as the initial deployment, so a D6 is rolled. The result is not good for the Survivors, its a 4. That’s the board section they are on.

Normally new Diseased arriving this way and that roll on the same section as Survivors, must be placed out of Survivor LOS, unless the board section is a road or alley. This is a nightmare for our Survivors as the new Diseased appears right next to them!

New models brought into play are free to act the same round as they emerge. In this case its a scream and a charge straight into the back of Stuart!

Thankfully for Stuart, both Jeff and Stacey can act under the 'Help me Obi Wan' rule and both move 4cms to help Stuart.
The rest of the Diseased movement is then made and its more bad news for the team. The Diseased lurking in the alley, rolls its move..

.. which brings it closer to the team! In the rules, combat and movement only effects the board section on which it takes place and adjacent sections. This movement brings the Diseased onto an adjacent section, and within view of the fight. Its eyes fix on food!
Finally, what about the Diseased in the shop?

Well the rules say combat effects adjacent board sections, and the shop is adjacent.

The rules also say that the Diseased will only pay attention if it had direct LOS assuming it was facing in the correct direction.
Unfortunately for the Survivors the combat which is now taking place is... directly outside the shop window! The Diseased in the shop actives, and she wants a piece of the team!

The situation doesn’t look good for the Survivors. What do you think? Will they survive or its it game over??

Mail me your votes!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

2013: Designing the game, Update 5: 2nd Draft Rules

Howdy folks,

Following a busy weekend of playtesting, all I can say is.. wow, the game is tough! Those Diseased sure are lethal, but dont worry, the second draft of the rules is finished and helps out the Survivors a fair bit!

Link to Version 002 of the rules here -

Key changes/additions include,

Rules on Board Sections
Diseased Reinforcement rules expanded
Placing of Diseased expanded
Movement revised and expanded
New Detection Methods and ways to avoid the Diseased
Noise and threat generation
Extra and enhanced Combat Rules
Introduction to game effect 'Lethality'
First Six Survivor Weapons and Items
Introduction to Smarts and two abilities associated with the stat (now clever folks can fight!)

Please ket me know what y'all think!


Monday, 23 July 2012

2013: Designing the Game, Update 4, Loot!

The main reason a player takes their team of Survivors out into the field, dodging the Diseased, the looters, and the danger is to forage for supplies. In 2013 the Player receives new items for completing the scenario objectives and/or collecting 'Loot' tokens found scattered around the game board.

These tokens represent much needed items and supplies which either boost the characters effectiveness in the Action Phase, or more commonly are used for the teams survival in the Management Phase.

The type of items the token generate are based around the actual map location from which they are placed and collected. Loot tokens found in backyards would wield valuable items like hammers and nails, saws, axes or even Mountain bikes. In other words practical items, useful in their own way, but no good if the team is hungry. For that a player would need to collect Loot tokens placed in kitchens for example.

Once a player has collected a Loot Token, new items are generated by rolling on a 'Loot Chart', with items further broken down into categories representing the rarity (or usefulness of the item found) with rarer items being more powerful in their game effects than common items.

The following is a 1st draft look at a Loot Chart for a 'Bathroom' location.

Bathrooms are common areas to search, (each house tending to have at least one!) and tend to yield a good variety of items used to maintain the Hygiene of the Survivors. Without good Hygiene the group is at risk of disease, not 'THE' Disease, but none the less a variety which will have negative effects upon the characters.

Please note this chart is subject to change and has no game effects on it yet, as I am still working out the maths on these. So far in writing, items have a bonus between +0.10 and +1.00, and a number of uses before they deplete. For example 'Soap' at the moment has the following stats,

Soap, Hygiene +1.00 (18)

Roughly speaking 1 use of Soap (it has 18), provides the full complement of Hygiene for 1 character (1.00) for 1 day of survival.

That may seem a decent amount, but when an average team of Survivors numbers 6 characters, then its only three days of constant use by them all and the bar of soap is depleted (used up, no longer exists).

Good new is there exists rules on the table for the Rationing of items! But that can wait until a future article. For now, any feedback on the Loot Table idea would be warmly welcomed!

The first look, Bathroom Loot Table -
D100 Roll (1-51: Common Loot, 52-72: Uncommon Loot, 73-81: Rare Loot, 82-100 Special)

1-4: Bottle of Bleach
5-8: Packet of 4 Soaps
9-11: Bottle of Shower Gel
12-14: Bottle of Shampoo
15-17: Shaving Razors and Foam
18-21: Toothpaste
22-24: Quality Clean Towel
25-27: 4pack of Toilet Rolls
28-30: Moisturising Lotion
31-33: Hygenic Wipes
34-36: Quality Bathrobe
37-39: Air Freshener
40-42: Women’s Toiletries
43-45: Mouthwash
46-48: Deodarant
49-51: Cotton Buds

52-54: Electric(battery) Toothbrush
55-57: Nightlight
58-61: 12pack of Toilet Rolls
62-64: Attractive House Plant
65-67: Candles
68-70: Small Medical Cabinet
70-72: A really good book

73-76: Large Bag of Assorted Soaps
77-79: Well packed Medical Cabinet
80-81: Top Quality Shower Curtain

82-87: Players Choice of 1 Common
88-92: Players Choice of 1 Uncommon
93-96: Players Choice of 1 Rare

97-100:Re-roll + 1 extra one Roll


Sunday, 22 July 2012

2013: Designing the Game, Update 3, Maps!

While so tempting to wait till Update 4, so I could crack this joke 'Episode IV: A New Map'
I thought I would avoid the temptation and show the thought behind designing a map now.

The Map: A traditional 'Corner Shop'

As with all the maps I have made, and intend to make, they are all based on real locations. This one is inspired by a local shop in a town I used to live. The first design problem I had was size. Of course I cant go into the shop with a tape measure so I had to come up with other genius ways of finding the dimensions.

I solved this through a mix of experience, and the handy use of Google Maps. Simply by comparing the Google Map image of the building, with a similar building I already knew the measurements on. Not an exact science but good enough to work with.

The internal fixtures (the shelves, the freezers, the chiller cabinets etc) were all sourced from the internet. A brief search for 'shop fittings', 'shop display' etc came back with enough companies to browse through. All the items listed on the websites had the exact measurements. After this it was just a case of a small bit of maths to convert those numbers into my drawing scale. The end result, although not a fantastic piece of art, was something close to the item with the correct measurements.

I intend for most locations, especially important ones such as this, to have at least a couple of variants. A ransacked shop, that other Survivors have already hit for example, as well as a uber rare 'fully stocked' version.

Once the drawing phase is complete, the next step is to incorporate the location into the game and work on the 'Loot tables'. This is easy for the most part, its simply listing items you would find on the shelf of any shop and marking their benefit (i.e. +10 to Food). Where it gets complicated is adding 'Rare' Loot, items of real high value. And making Loot tables for ransacked shops. Something useful may be left behind but what exactly?

Thanks for reading

PS. I have uploaded the map to the game pool now. There are no rules for it yet, but you can still have fun battling the Diseased across a new location!

The map -

Friday, 20 July 2012

2013: First draft Rules for Playtesting!

Howdy folks,

Fingers crossed this works... just uploaded the first draft rules and some basic maps to print out and play test 2013!

This is the first time I have used 'Google Documents' so any problems please email me at '' and I will try and resolve asap.

Here are the links!
Please also post feedback here, or BGG, or email me direct. Many thanks!

2013: Designing the Game, Update 2

Howdy all,

Progress is going well, and I hope to release the first draft rules tonight. This set will only cover Character Generation, Movement and Combat – the base mechanics before I start adding the detail.

Here is another preview shot of 'Jackson Street'. The Terrace houses have had a small revamp, due to a basic mistake I made in design. I measured room width, then decided to make the walls thicker, and forgot to extend the room width. The result wasn’t apparent on the rooms, but it left the corridors at 2' wide!

A 'back alley' has also been added, and the yards reduced in size. This reduction was simply to help printing. I want everything to stay on one sheet for the moment. Later I will extend the yards back to length. Work still needs to be done on the interiors of the houses, but as this is mainly cosmetic I want to concentrate on rules for now.

On a side note, I am printing on normal paper here and tends to warp and move a fair bit. I have ordered some 2mm clear perspex sheet to lay over the top, this should help keep everything flat and in place.

So, onto rules. The first draft I will release soon for play-testing will cover the basics of Character Generation, Movement and Combat. I have been testing the game with 6 characters making the group of Survivors. Here is a nice shot of my little example team, they are hand picked not rolled (the game uses a random generation system) as I needed to test some special rules regarding children and Elderly characters.

Six seems be a nice round number for characters. Combat is still very risky, but the group can separate into 2 groups of 3, and still do OK. I have found reducing to 3 groups of 2 very dangerous with my example team. Having one child and one old person means combat with them is near to none existent, they tend to die if attacked and not helped! Poor souls.

At the moment the game uses 3 types of move, called 'Sneak', 'Standard' and 'Sprint'. There are a few restriction and differences between characters based mainly on age. Children for example tend to make far better sneaks, and Elderly have no Sprint value.

Movement tends to effect what else a character can do that turn, as well as how the NPC 'Diseased' (like Zombies) react to them. Sprinting characters tend not to be able to do much else except run hell for leather to avoid danger, while sneak allows a character to move past the Diseased without attracting attention (subject to Field of View, and LOS).

Children with extended Sneak moves tend to avoid a lot of danger. This is something I might need to look at once Loot (items found in the game) and Objectives come in to play. There is a possibility of children being used as 'goffers' sneaking past everything to collect items, while Adults hide at the back. Child exploitation in the post apoc world? Or broken game mechanic?


Here I wanted to keep the mechanics simple, but effective. I wanted to create the feel of a fight, and the danger of a survivor dying, rather than a zombie splatter fest. Closer to a '28 Days' feel rather than 'Resident Evil'.

Characters have one stat that effects all combat (later this stat will be modified by items), and combat has a winner/loser or in the case of a tie, combat continues the following turn.

Losing a round of combat means the character is 'knocked to the ground', where upon losing another round of combat, will be despatched as a casualty. Here I wanted to give Survivors a chance to save each other, and also a chance to get the hell out of Dodge if they are attacked. The model on the ground must spend its next turn rising to its feet. This gives the victor the opportunity to run away, or to stay and try and kill their assailant.

This also gives a fraction of hope to a child in combat with a Diseased. There is a chance the child survivor rolls high enough on the dice (and their opponent low enough) that the child can make a hasty escape.

The danger and unpredictability of combat is further enhanced by the Diseased, who tend to roll random dice in combat and have no base combat stat. I don’t want combat to become predictable, with a good combat character battling their way through everything the apocalypse sends at them. Likewise I wanted to represent the Diseased as pure random, some are ferocious, fresh and strong, some are slow and almost dead. Some have missing limbs, while some even have basic grasp of weapons.

By giving them random attacks, including each turn (they roll fresh dice each turn), this allows even the most timid and frail looking Diseased to suddenly attack like a lion.

With that being said, here is my example team in real trouble!

Thanks for your time. Hopefully the next post will be real soon, and feature the first of the rules for play-testing! I will also include the basic Jackson Street maps for you to print off and use


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

2013: Designing the Game, Update 1

I have a bit of a confession..

I saw this contest on BGG over a week ago, and I was in 2 minds to enter or not, so I began work, all be it only concept idea and a few hours writing, on the game last week, so my amazing super progress isn’t all that amazing...

Neither are the models, or the maps!

These were a test run to see if my printer was working and a to give me something 'real' to test out movement and some basic mechanics for the game. The real finished maps will look something like the road, full colour.

The models are O scale railway miniatures. Something cheap I picked up off Ebay, as I want to cut/chop/burn a few to represent the bad guys of the game, the 'Diseased'. Also Railway models are purely 'real life' that is, unlike other miniatures they don’t have guns, swords etc.

The maps are from one of the starting zones I have planned for the game, a set of Terraced Houses that I am calling 'Jackson Street'. They are ground floor templates, to the scale of the models.

So far things are looking good. Movement seems to be working OK, Combat is looking fine and the basics of character generation are almost complete.

Next on the planning phase: Barricades and Defence, and make a start on the Loot and items database. In other words, how to hold the door closed and the axe that will knock it down!