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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

2013: Designing the Game, Update 1

I have a bit of a confession..

I saw this contest on BGG over a week ago, and I was in 2 minds to enter or not, so I began work, all be it only concept idea and a few hours writing, on the game last week, so my amazing super progress isn’t all that amazing...

Neither are the models, or the maps!

These were a test run to see if my printer was working and a to give me something 'real' to test out movement and some basic mechanics for the game. The real finished maps will look something like the road, full colour.

The models are O scale railway miniatures. Something cheap I picked up off Ebay, as I want to cut/chop/burn a few to represent the bad guys of the game, the 'Diseased'. Also Railway models are purely 'real life' that is, unlike other miniatures they don’t have guns, swords etc.

The maps are from one of the starting zones I have planned for the game, a set of Terraced Houses that I am calling 'Jackson Street'. They are ground floor templates, to the scale of the models.

So far things are looking good. Movement seems to be working OK, Combat is looking fine and the basics of character generation are almost complete.

Next on the planning phase: Barricades and Defence, and make a start on the Loot and items database. In other words, how to hold the door closed and the axe that will knock it down!

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