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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Small Business Saturday - December 3rd

Pleased to announce Marching In Colour is now listed and verified on the official 'Small Business Saturday' website. 

This is a great promotion to help all small business nationwide. You can use the map on the Small Business site to search for local business close to you. If you can, do try and visit a business local to you this weekend, we little guys really do appreciate your support.

I'll be running at least one promotion over the weekend so be sure to check back here sometime as well!


Monday, 28 November 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 6

Medieval / Swiss Mercs

Foundry 28mm models.
Have been undercoated whits, and flesh painted on a few.

£1 each.
28mm WW2 - German Lot

Westwind 'Berlin or Bust' models, taken from across the 1944 range, but suitable for most Late War.

Total of 73 models, which includes LMG and HMG teams, bazooka, rifleman, smg, officers, even a flame thrower!

Some models have been undercoated black, but its starting to peel due to jostling in storage.

rrp is around £90

£40 the lot 

FoW British Daimler 1

BA311, rrp 13.00

FoW British Motor Platoon 

BR723, rrp 13.00

FoW British Quad Tractor

BR277, rrp 13.00

FoW British Rifle Platoon

BR722, rrp 24.00

FoW British BL 5.5" Gun

BR580, rrp 9.00

FoW British Paint Set

BPS01, rrp 12.00

FoW British Parachute Company

BBX16, rrp 33.00

FoW British 17pdr gun

BR521, rrp 13.50

FoW British Typhoon IB

AC005, rrp 11.50


Items For Sale or Trade - Page 5

Gripping Beast / Wargames Foundry SUPER SALE!

360+ Gripping Beast/Wargames Foundry, Dark Age mix - Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Rus etc. 

With the exception of a few models (in the last photo), all are base metal mint condition.
Weapons and Shields will be INCLUDED for FREE with all models.

RRP for Gripping Beast is £6.00 for 4 models (with weapon and shield packs £2.00).

I am looking for £1.00 per model (with weapons and shields included), 
OR any 12 models for £10.00  (0.83p each!)

Postage (UK) is £4.00 for under 50 models, £7.00 for 51 or more models (1st Class)

I've broken down the models into 'types' so each board should have the same type of model. For instance board one has all the chainmail armoured models, with helms, and cast shields, making purchasing full regiments fairly easy. 

Each board is split into a grid for those who want to select specific models. Clicking on a board should bring up a larger image.

For sales please email me direct at
Payment by UK Bank Transfer, Paypal, cheque/postal orders. Cash on collection is also available for anyone local to Stockton-on-Tees. 



Rows 1-4
Armoured spearmen. Chainmail armour, helms, cast shields. Will be supplied with spears

Rows 6-7
Armoured vikings(?), chainmail armour, helms,
some assorted cast hand weapons. Will be supplied with shields, spears, hand weapons where applicable.

Rows 1-2
Armoured 2H-Axes. Some models have cast greataxes, others will be supplied with two handed axes to fit.

Rows 4-6
Levy/spear, cast shields. Some models have helms. A couple of command models (can be purchased separately if required)


Rows 1-4
Mixed warriors, chainmail, helms, some with cast shields. Spearmen, axes, hand weapons, shields will be supplied as needed.

Row 5
Armoured 2h axemen.

Row 6
'Shieldwall' models, will be supplied with spears.


All Rows
Assorted characters, ranging from armoured officers and warriors, through to priests and druids.

Weapons and shields are cast on some models, others will be supplied as needed.

Rows 1-2
Armoured 'Romano British/Arthurian'

Row 3
Unarmoured 'Romano British/Arthurian'

Rows 4-5
Armoured as above, but with cast shields

Rows 6-7
Archers, poaches, woodsmen etc


Rows 1-3
Unarmoured 'Romano British/Arthurian' spearmen. Helms, and cast shields.

Rows 5-6
Unarmoured Spearmen, cast shields.

Rows 1-3
Uniformed unarmoured spearmen with cast spears. Will be supplied with shields.

Rows 4-5
Command models in similar uniformed style to rows above.

Row 1
Unarmoured spearmen. Undercoated white.

Row 2
A and B spearmen, C-F archers

Row 3
Romano British, armoured command models

Row 4
Unarmoured spearmen

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Battleground Show - Saturday 26th November 2016

Hi folks,

Just a quick post to say I will be attending the Battleground Show, though not in a professional manner.

Following my extended illness I didn't book a Trade Stall for Battleground, and when I finally felt back to myself again it was a little too late.

For those with painting commissions nearing completion, I can bring these to the show. I can also bring along any sales from my 'For Sale' pages to save on postage.

I am also happy to meet to collect models for painting, though please let me know if you are planning on dropping off a large quantity as I don't drive and this is my local show so I will be walking too and from the venue. I can bring a backpack if needed!

The details of this great, though somewhat small show can be found here -

I hope to see you there!


Items for Sale or Trade - Page 4

Pro-Painted Handgun/Cannons

5 miniatures suitable for a range of periods. Painted in a quarter white/red uniform


Pro-Painted Mage and Apprentice

25mm, so potentially a little small for heroic 28's.

Painted for use in 'Frostgrave'


Pro-Painted Tyranid Force

Consists of -
1x Carnifex
3x Warriors
8x Genestealers
7x Hormagaunt
8x Termagant

This photo best shows the level of detail on the three main areas - the fleshtone, a mix of purple and reds, the carapace, a detailed armour pattern, and the blades and claws, finished in granite grey.




Sunday, 20 November 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 3

Beautifully Painted Dark Eldar Lot

Force consists of the following -
1x Character
1x Haemonculus
25x Kalabite Warriors
7x Wyches
5x Incubi
1x Cronos

Bonus - 
9x Unpainted Kalabite Warriors
 Roughly 750pts. RRP approx £130

Please check out the photos below. This is one lovely looking force.





Dark Eldar Raider One

Minor Damage, rrp £22.50

Dark Eldar Raider Two

rrp £22.50

Dark Eldar Venom One

rrp £18.50

Dark Eldar Venom Two

rrp £18.50

Dark Eldar Reavers x3

rrp £24