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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Spaceships 2: First home-made fleet!

Howdy folks,

Since my interest in Spaceship wargaming, I've found a number of manufacturers which produce amazing looking ships. Until I can decide just which I like the best I thought I would have a go at scratch building some of my own... here's the results so far!

The paint scheme is rather simple - solid flat black, with purple plates, and pink dots to represent light from windows. Small rod beads added, and painted metallic brass to give a little extra detail.

The main vessels were assembled from 3 packs of phone connector thingies from a local DIY store, each pack £1.45 (so less than a fiver for the fleet!). Stands are from EM4 minis, decorative rods 99p for a pack of lots. Other than that, the fighters are made from a cocktail stick, and the torpedo ships from a lollipop stick!

Two of the larger craft -

Two variants of the smaller craft. These two were originally joined together, the 'wing' on the right forming the bridge. I decided to cut them apart keeping the sticky out part to see what it looked like. I decided to add a small length of cocktail stick to the edge to represent some kind of larger weapon.

Lollipop stick bombers, cocktail stick fighters! They are stuck on pieces of old plastic sprue to give them stability. I am thinking of replacing the sprue with very thin wire, as they could be mistaken for different types of craft on these solid bases. With wire they would look more like small independent craft.

Also.... painted up these wall plugs(!) to represent troop boarding craft, long and thin to hold vast numbers of marines, I envision these like torpedoes - hurtling towards a large craft, hitting front on, burning through the hull and unloading the troops!

Now... enough of silly ships... I really should be getting back to what I am actually paid to do - sneaky peak of some 10mm Ottoman cavalry just about finished!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my endeavors!
Any tips or advice for the ships would be warmly received. Please also take a look around the website here if you have the time. I have a lot of random stuff listed on the 'For Sale' pages, and am always taking painting commissions. Email -


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pet Project - Spaceships!

Occasionally even I need a break from seemingly endless Napoleonics, and I dont think you can get much further from that period than this - I present my own little pet project, random spaceships!

I say random, as (typical gamer) these were more of an impulse purchase at a show than any real planned project. I have no rules, no scenery, no real plan beyond 'paint little dots on the sides of ships to represent windows'... lots of windows...

First up - a selection of my GZG fleet.

I decided for these to stick to a uniform colour - orange brown for the front of the vessels, blue for engine areas, and white for command/operations. The front of the ships also have white bands painted around the rim, one or two bands for small vessels, up to 3 for the large ships. Some of these bands also have checked colours (reds and blues). I figured this would be a nice way to identify the different 'class' of ships.

Next up - a set of plastic little ships I picked up off Ebay. I believe these are made by EM4. The models were a little too 'fighter' and larger scale when aside my GZG, so I decided to randomly cut them up and try to make little spaceships.

At the moment these are just a random collection of transports, merchants, pirates, different races etc.

Even a commercial liner of sorts! A golden luxury transport for civilians with the money to travel in style. You cant tell very well from my poor photography skills (although the bottom photo does show a little detail) - the craft has rows of tiny windows along the hull. After all, we want to pack as many civilians in per trip as possible!

An attempt at - a troop transport (or maybe cargo/merchant), some kind of raider, and a black stealth ship.

Thanks for viewing!
I really am just jumping into this scale and period and am on the look out for resources, inspiration, and different manufacturers of ships. If you have any advice, please do drop me an email -  it would be much appreciated!


Friday, 30 December 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 10


PLEASE NOTE - This is for the complete boxed game. 
Mint condition, counters unpunched, rulebook unread (still has the new book smell). 
I only opened it to take out the models to assemble and paint!

Terminator Genysis pro-painted, based, and varnished models.

Consists of - 16x Resistance Soldiers, 10x Endoskeleton Terminators, 5x Crawler Terminators
Also included is the Limited Edition metal 'Kyle Reese' miniature.

The soldiers have been assembled with a good mix of weaponry and as best a variety of poses as possible. In addition, two models have been painted as Officers, one model as a Medic, and one model converted into a Comms.

All models are based with thick irregular gravel to give a wasteland feel. The bases are sealed with pva to avoid any flakes.

Comes complete with all materials - rulebook, counters, maps, etc and boxed still in the original box. Everything you need to game!

Please note - the rrp on this set is £70, though recently discounted to £20. I managed to pick up a number of sets, so dont worry if this sells - you can order another, it would just take a couple of weeks to be painted.

Asking £100, including free UK postage. 
Bargain price, especially when the retail price returns to £70!

Limited Ed Kyle Resse (metal miniature) 

Models painted as Officer/NCO/Medic/Comms

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 9

Saxon Warband

Nicely painted, based, and fully varnished set of 26 models by 'Saxon Miniatures' (rrp £33.00)

Though the models are a Saxon Warband, they are all painted to be a uniformed town garrison, or similar such guard. The over-tunics are a solid mid-grey, highlighted on seams and edges, while the under-tunics are a flat byzantium red/violet (Vallejo Burnt Red) which makes for a great contrast.

The shields are red leather, washed with a light brown ink to give a solid hardened leather look. It also makes a nice canvass to put an emblem or transfer on if needed.

Breakdown of models is as follows -
16x Spearmen, 4x Chainmail Spearmen, 4x Chainmail Great-axes, 1x Warlord with 1x Standard.

The standard bearer has an extended spear, and replaces a normal shield with a smaller buckler. The standard is thick paper, painted and highlighted in the unit colours, edged with gold. There is also space enough to add an emblem or markings in the centre of the banners. 

Belts, scabbards, pouches etc, are tanned leather, Leg-wraps are light khaki, shaded with brown ink. 

The bases of the models are three-toned drybrush painted sand, sealed with pva so will never flake. Scattered bases have shrubs and patches of grass, some shrubs have flowering colours. The idea was to assemble them as a town garrison rather than open-field, so the colour of the bases reflects a rough urban area, with the occasional shrub of grass.  
Looking for £130, post free (UK)

Questions, comments, and offers to
Please click on the photos for larger images. 


Sunday, 25 December 2016


Here's to wishing all clients past, present, and future, and all those folks just stopping by my little corner of the internet, a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and happy New Year!


Monday, 19 December 2016

Painting Guide - PAINTS (Must have Colours)

Howdy folks,

Following on from my brief 'Brushes' guide, here is a list of TEN paint colours that I would recommend a new painter buy to start off their collection.

A general note - when considering a colour, buy a slightly darker shade of that colour. The reason for this is, its easier to lighten a shade with a mix of white than it is to darker the shade with a touch of black. You can also lighten a number of times by adding a touch more white each time.

Top Ten Paints to have -

1. White 
2. Black

Both of these paints act as good undercoats, as well as used to lighten/darken other shades.

3. Silver

From knights to gun barrels, you will always have a use for silver. It is also very hard to get a good 'metallic' effect without a metallic paint.

4. Flesh

Another popular colour. Aim for a 'mid-tan', slightly over regular skin tones, as flesh can have a habit of looking too pale on many models.

5. Brown
6. Green
7. Blue
8. Red

For these solid colours choose shades that are 'flat', and remember - slightly darker shades are easier to lighten. Dark Blue + White = Mid Blue... Mid + White = light blue

9. Yellow Brown

Yellow is a very hard colour to work with for a beginner. Instead of a pale watery yellow, a good pick is a choosing a Yellow Brown, and using the +white to get a paler shade.

10. Leather

Like 'silver', leather is a hard colour to mix. A good pick for #10 here would be a solid Leather shade.

thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Painting Guide - BRUSHES

Howdy folks,

A friend recently asked for my advice on what brushes (and paints, but I'll cover that in my next article) would a new painter really need, as it is that time of year when presents are bought and new gamers (and painters!) are born.

I thought I would share the advice I gave my friend, with the rest of the community in the hope it might be beneficial to others in the same position.

My 4 recommended brushes for the starter painter are as follows -

1x Dry-brush (A), 1x Undercoating brush (B), 1x Painting brush (C), 1x Fine detail brush (D)

A - A large soft bristled brush that you can use to 'dry-brush' a model. This type of brush tends to have a short life span, so you can pick up a cheap and easy brush from the packs you find in the local £1 store. Just make sure its a soft bristle. If they all look a little large, you can cut them down with a pair of scissors. Dry-brushing a model with the smallest pinch of simple white paint is a great and easy way for a beginner to highlight.

B - Undercoating brush is similar to a soft bristled £1 store, though as these tend to loose a lot of hairs, you may be best purchasing a brush for £2 from any art shop. Look for a size '3' or above. Undercoating brushes also tend to have a short life span so don't invest heavy on an expensive brush.

C - Your main brush for painting should be a standard size '0' or '1'. This will be your work horse brush, you will do the majority of your painting with this brush. Pick a brush with strong shape and good bristles that look aligned. Avoid any brushes where the bristles look like they are separating. As this is your main brush its worth spending £2-3 on this but avoid expensive brushes until you know how to keep, store, and correctly handle a brush.

D - A fine detail brush (size '00') is a must for any beginner. You may think an expert would prefer a fine detail brush and a beginner just suited to a standard brush, but let me tell you, there is nothing so off-putting to a beginner as slopping paint all over a model and not having a steady enough hand to paint the detail. A very small brush carries with it a sense of needing to be handled delicately, a beginner will naturally be more cautious with a fine brush, and a steady hand helps get the detail. If you can see good progress its a great morale boost to any painter, especially a new one.

I hope you found this little tutorial helpful. These 4 brushes are really all a new painter needs, and should set you back about £7.

And, if you ever do need a little help or advice, please feel free to drop me an email at  or send me a pm at any one of the forums (or Facebook! )