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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Amera Plastic Mouldings - First Look and Thoughts

As many of my regulars know, I had a great 2017 running MIC and decided to branch out in 2018 to start stocking - and painting to sell - wargames scenery.

One of two new suppliers whose ranges I now stock is 'Amera Plastic Mouldings' ( and this is the first look, of the very first painted piece, now available in my Etsy and Ebay stores!

The item: U108 Planetscape-Escarpment Set, which I decided would make for a fantastic looking mountain range for 6mm ancients!

The models featured are 6mm Roman cavalry, and 28mm Roman archers

(please click on any image for a larger shot!)

Initial Impressions, and First coat of paint

I have to say, I was very impressed with the size and scale of the piece - its much larger than I thought it would be, and while the plastic seems thin, it is solid and sturdy and shows no sign of flexing even when pressing on it with some considerable force.

I left all 3 pieces attached to the plastic sheet to work with for the ease of handling.
Rather than texture and paint the sheet, I think these would be best cut from the sheet, which would allow far more flexibility in use.

So, onto the base coat....

Once the initial base coat was dry, it was time to apply lashings of the main colour.

Two solid coats later and we have a surface of texture we are happy to work with.

From there it was a case of simply adding highlights to the rock front. Though a little hard to tell from my weak photography skills, there is actually 3 levels of shade here!

The finished piece!

Sand, Grass, and the odd shrub

The sand is very fine and scattered first on the level top areas, then any ledge that looked sufficient enough to be a surface.

The grass is very light and largely along the edges.

The shrubs placed at random, just to give a little contrasting colour.

Thanks for reading.

This model has a basic rrp of £9.99.
A fully painted, and finished to this level piece is available from my stores for only £34.95!

You can even modify the colours to your own choice for the same price!

My stores -

Or you can order direct, by emailing me at ''


PS. Lots more painted scenery coming soon!

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

February Update - Now Stocking New Lines!

Hi folks,

In this update -

1. Schedule getting back on track
2. Etsy Store now up and running
3. Now stocking Amera Plastics and Javis Scenics
4. Ebay coming soon, and closing of my Sales Pages

1. Firstly, the Schedule
The 10mm ACW and the 10mm Naps are close to finishing, as is the 28mm Prussian force. Although I am still technically behind, the outstanding commissions will now have a realistic start date, and that means a realistic completion date!

2. The Etsy Store
I have managed to get the store registered and stocked with the first lot of listings. There isn't much there at the moment (14 listings), but I'll be adding as I go along.

You can check it out here -

If you spot anything you fancy, you can either go ahead and purchase it via the Etsy store (all safe and secure), or you can drop me an email directly to place an order. As these listings and sales all require me to purchase the items first, I may need to take a deposit for at least the cost of the miniatures.

3. The BIG news - I am now stocking Amera Plastics  - and Javis Scenics -

The idea is to carry a small selection of items from both, but the main focus will be on painting the scenery provided by both supplies and selling the finished product from my Etsy and Ebay stores.

A little about Amera
These guys produce some excellent quality, vacuum formed, plastic scenery. What attracted me to Amera was seeing the finished results others have submitted, coupled with the very low cost of plastic. This is especially so when looking at their larger items (a 3-tier pyramid for £8.95!). With my interests being in painting, I cannot wait to crack on and paint up some of these fantastic pieces.

A brief on Javis
I first came across Javis back in the early 2000's and for those who remember my games store at the time, Javis were my first ever supplier (even before I became a Games Workshop stockist).
I have admired the quality and range of Javis products for many a year, and over 15 years later I am happy to announce I have a new trade account and will be carrying their range again.

Expect to see some lovely painted resin and plastic scenery available for sale here, very soon (just a soon as I unpack this lot!!)

4. Ebay Store planned for February
My plan for this month is to set-up my Ebay store, and that means closing and removing all my sales pages here. As folks reading this will more than likely have been following my work for sometime, if there is anything you want reserving from any of the pages before I list them to the general masses, please let me know and I'll put them to one side for you.

In closing, I would like to thank all customers - past and present - for their support. None of this would be possible without your patronage, and I am grateful to each and every one of you.
2017 was a good, but tough year. I am hoping 2018 will continue the upward trend.

Thanks guys!


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Playing around with the lightbox!

Hi folks,

Those of you who have known me a while, or have ever employed my service, have probably heard me moan a little about my poor photography skills. It's been a bugbear of mine for a while, as I always feel my shots never really do my work justice, and in turn - as I always send out proof photos before a commission is finished - never really give the client a total feel for the minis.

Talking to one recent customer I was advised to check out 'lightboxes' and I must say, I cant believe I had never seen or heard of these wonderous little constructions before!

After checking out several different types I finally decided to invest in a middle-of-the-road price/quality box, just to get into the flow of things. Over the last few days, in between painting, I've been happily snapping away and editing as many photos as I can, intending to practice and hone my skills.

Here are the results so far.

The Early Days

When I first got the box assembled, I was eager to start taking shots, so proceeded without any of the backing cards that came with the set.

The results were nice, but a little too 'shiny'

28mm Dark Age Warrior

28mm Gladiator

6mm Spanish

Onto the Boards

The box came with 3 backing boards - white, cream, and black.

First I tried out the cream,
15mm Javilinmen

then onto the white,

But, it was the black that I seemed to get the best results from!

6mm Ancients

28mm Advanced Heroquest

15mm Romans

15mm Archers

28mm British AWI

28mm German Infantry

6mm Cars!

28mm Confederates

28mm Union

Overall personally, I think its making a great improvement. Still plenty of practice needed to perfect and improve. I've got to deal with the brightness to start with, but I think I am getting there!

These photos are a sample of the many I have taken so far. If you want to see more, please do visit my Facebook page (you dont need a Facebook account, its all on public show!) via this link -

As ever - thanks for reading!


PS. If you like this photos, I am always available for commissions!
PPS. If you REALLY LIKE these photos, check back in a week or so, when I hope to have these items for sale!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Pricing Structure Revamp - Done!

Hi folks,

As some of you may have noticed the old price charts have gone and new ones have taken their place.

First a quick note on all existing and booked in commissions - NO PRICES HAVE CHANGED for you guys. I have already made a note on existing commissions to work on the old system (not that things have changed much, as I'll explain)

Changes -

The old lower standard of A and B have been amalgamated into the new 'Rank and File' level.

The old middle standards of C and D have been changed into the new 'Standard Quality'

E which was the old higher standard has now been dropped completely. Instead a new 'Premium Quality' will be for really top end work.

A quick note on the old C standard. Under the old system prices allowed for an fluctuation between low-standard-complex, with prices being 3.00-3.50-4.60. A simple robed spearmen would be 3.00, a Napoleonic Grenadier 4.60. This got a little hard to follow sometimes with the models being so different. Under this new pricing the simple spearmen would now fall into 'Rank and File', while the Grenadier gets a small upgrade from the old Grade D.

Follows much the same method, A and B become Rank and File, C and D become Standard, and a new Premium Quality has been added.

Old A and B become the new Standard
New Premium Quality has been added

Prices revised and lower end (0.10p) dropped. In reality it was extremely rare to find a model that was so simple and fast to paint that I was able to charge 0.10p for. In the last year I think it happened once!
New Standard quality has a slight (0.10p) added to the 'Complex'. Painting detail on 6mm is time consuming and I was losing a little under the old system. This change though should not effect that many model types.

New Premium Quality Added! I had a lot of requests for this so had time to work on them and watch the clock to work out a proper quote for everyone.

I think its a better, more streamlined system.
Cavalry now have a much clearer price structure.

Premium level - I do hope to really deliver some quality miniatures under this. The price is a little high, but the quality will reflect this!

If you have any thoughts or comments or general feedback, I would love to hear it.
Email -


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Marching In Colour - 2017 Reflections and 2018 New Features

Howdy folks,

Now that the fuss is over for another year (I hope you all had a great time!), I feel that we are due a little recap of how MiC faired in 2017, and a brief look on what I have planned for the future of the business.

Commissions Completed in 2017: 48!
That's almost one commission per week. Not bad - thanks for the support guys!

Number of Miniatures Painted: Erm...
I did start trying to count them for this update, but honestly when we factor in 6mm and 10mm, the number soars into the thousands!

Photos taken: 3425!
I tend to take more snaps than I actually use, so if we say 1/3rd of those get sent to the client, then that's 1142!

Updates posted on the Facebook Page: 225!
That's almost one update every 2 days. If we exclude days-off painting, then that's fairly solid communication I think!

Overall 2017 has been a great year. MiC has been my only source of income, and I consider still being housed at the end of this year, a great success!

Into 2018.....

This last year has highlighted a couple of issues that need addressing. These are...

Photo Quality

I suck at taken photos, so it is about time I tried to address this. Thanks to a great tip (cheers Rob!), I will be looking to get a 'light box' in the very near future.

At the end of 2017 we hit a bit of a back-log (which is still to be cleared). This was due to a great increase in smaller scale orders than I was used to receiving, and not taking in to account the reduced quality daylight hours. To address this I have picked out a third lamp which will be arriving soon.

Once those are dealt with, the next topic on the 2018 agenda is...

A Revamp of the Pricing Structure and the Trade For Painting Credit

First the pricing...

The main changes will see a couple of tiers dropped from the 'Standards'.
For those who have been with me for years, we will be reverting back to the old 3-Tier system. Offering 5 options seemed great, but in reality it was tricky to differentiate and most people just went with A/C/E.

Also in with these changes will be....
*A better 'top end quality' that will really deliver some great looking minis, and
DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND - a top tier 6mm will be added!!

Revamp for the Trade-In should follow soon after that. I know a lot of you enjoy this feature so the revamp will aim to offer a better, clearer method for trading in old models, especially in differing scales (ie trading in 15mm for 28mm painting credit).

Also coming soon...

MiC's new online shop!
(probably two shops....)

The first will be with 'Etsy'. This site focuses purely on hand-crafted items, so the idea here will be to offer painted miniatures. I have several thousand photos now of  my work over the years. These will be used as 'store-front' for people to order the miniatures as shown, with more added as I finish commissions. What this means is that if you ever view my updates and think 'Hey, those models look lovely', you can order miniatures painted almost identically straight from the store.

The second store will probably be with the dreaded Ebay....

The idea here is to sell all those items I take in for trade, and for new items I will be stocking.

If you are reading this and you saw my stall at the excellent 'Battleground' show (or have visited the hashed 'for sale' pages here), you will see I have a wide variety of random stuff. Ebay will be the outlet for all these goodies.

As for what I will be stocking....

Well, I have plans to become an Independent stockist for two lines. These aren't 100% confirmed yet, so I wont say anything else yet. Lets just wait and see what 2018 brings!

In summary,
Thanks again folks for your support over this last year (and longer for some of you!). I feel honoured and blessed that I can pursue my dream of creating art, and I could not do this without you all.

I hope you will continue to stick with me into 2018!


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Battleground Show - My After Action Report


Hi folks,

As a first time trader at the Battleground Show, I thought some of you may like to know how it went, my feelings on the day, and the results of a days trading.

The Venue
It's a sports hall on a College campus. The hall was great and clearly maintained to a high standard. The lighting was great, open and bright, and importantly the hall was warm! There was also plenty of room to move between stalls and games.

I decided to make my day of trading based on two principles.
Firstly, that nothing on my stall that I was selling would be cheaper to buy online, and secondly that I would be open to barter on every item.

I feel this is what shows are about - people want bargains, great deals, and to handle the models in person. Everything you cant get from online sales. It didn't seem much point to me to sell at the same prices as online and only offer a saving of postage costs.

The Big Day
Thankfully I got situated between two great veteran traders who warmly welcomed a new guy. Big thanks to 'Templar Wargames Scenery' ( and 'Grahams Wuerkshoppe' (

And I totally forgive the random dude who came over to my stall and accidentally spilt his cup of tea all over my business cards! Not quite the start to the day I was hoping for, but it was a laugh for sure!

Sales and Takings
I didn't really know what to expect here. Would I sell much? Would I sell anything?
Thankfully the day went really well. On my stall I offered a wide mix of random miniatures and random deals. I had 'Buy One for £8 or Buy Two for £15', 'Any X for £X', and one lot clearly marked 'Or Nearest Offer'.

The Good -
Most people went for the Two for's... or the X for's... and on multiple purchases I rounded-down on the odd few pence rather than root through for change. I think this helped speed up sales and visits to my stand a lot. Rather than have people wait around and count coins, it was a straight case of exchanging notes.
This had the added benefit of there being usually good space around my table, with nobody really needing to look over each others shoulders and wait for folks to move on.

The Bad -
Tech! I totally failed to consider how sales have moved with the times. I was aware of the usual 'card readers' for card payments, but more than once I was asked if I accepted Paypal, with payments made by mobile (cell) phone!

The Annoying -
The purchases I made at a couple of fellow traders stalls. One in particular was for £20.35. An odd number which given the atmosphere of a trade show I expected to be round off to £20, as £20.35 would be the same price I would have paid online.
Perhaps it was a little cheeky of me to expect the change to be discounted, but it got me thinking about time and effort. Here as a consumer I made the time and effort to come to the show, to patronise the event and the stall. I also saved the trader the time and effort of having to wrap and post the item. And this spirit was not worth 0.35p?

The Lost Art -
Whatever happened to barter, bargaining, offers and counter offers? Despite a lot of models on my stall being bagged as loose minis, and one lot clearly marked as taking offers, I only had one guy the entire day barter and knock me down from an £18 marked item to a sale at £15.

In summary - 

It was a great day, in a fantastic clean, airy and bright venue, with plenty of space to move and dozens of games to watch and play. Sales were good (for myself at least) but I did hear a little mutter from other traders over their takings for the day and I couldn't help but think maybe it was due in part that they were not offering much beyond the same as they offered online?

I also saw that the number of people attending was well over the 600 mark. Attendance is great, but at the end of the day it is sales that drive events. If you are making the effort to attend, and enjoying the experience, days like Battleground will only grow if the traders are happy, and the traders are only happy if the sales are good. Maybe effort is needed by both parties? I know I need to improve - I need to accept PAYPAL!

thanks for reading

Friday, 17 November 2017

Battleground Show - Layout

Here is the floor plan for the Battleground 2017 show.
I've marked my table with a red circle. Do come over and say 'hello' if you are attending. It's free entry this year, so lets make it a great event!