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Friday, 9 December 2016

Old School Napoleonic French Cuirassier's 28mm

Part of a current commission. I thought some of our older brethren might appreciate these models circa 1986.

I am not entirely sure on manufacturer. The riders do have a mark under the saddle but its too hard to distinguish. Anybody recognize them?

UPDATE - Thanks to everyone who pointed out that they are Hinchliffe!

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 8

28mm Bolt Throwers

Well painted bolt throwers.

£5.00 each or pair for £8.00 
Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Throwers

Well painted.
Please note, one thrower only has 1 ammo rack.

£5.00 each or pair for £8.00
Dark Elf Dark Riders 

5 models including standard bearer.
All horses have tails (one has fallen off)

Dark Elf Hero

Mounted on cold one

Dark Elf Coldone Chariot

Missing the bar that connects the chariot to the beasts, but easily craftable (will make one for free and include if you require)

Dark Elf Morathi

Long oop model of a Dark Elf Sorcerer

21 Assorted Dark Elf Models

Included are 13 swordsmen (3 with broken weapons), 2 plastic spearmen, 1 champion, 5 crossbow troops.

All models are plastic


Eldar Grav Bike

Plastic model. Please note - red undercoat is very thick and really needs stripping. Price reflects this

Eldar Falcon

Plastic model, one weapon needs reattaching.

Paintjob is a little below average.

rrp 31.00

Gripping Beast Command 

28mm metal miniatures

Gripping Beast Hero

28mm model, includes weapons and shields

Gripping Beast Warlord

28mm metal model, including axe.

1984 Citadel Elves

Collectors items. Original Citadel Miniatures

£7.00 each, £18.00 for all 3
1985 Citadel Lord of the Rings

Original Legolas and Boromir

£8.00 each
Assorted Heroscape Models

18 plastic 28mm models from the Heroscape game.

£0.75 each or the lot for £10.00 
Lord of the Rings - Movement Trays

Sealed/new infantry movement trays.

rrp £2.55

25/28mm Plastic Romans

Legionaries. Please note - missing weapons arms. Price reflects this!

Ratling Snipers

Partly stripped metal miniatures.

£2.00 each or the pair for £3.00
5 Stormtroopers

Models from the Games Workshop plastic box set. Painted average/low


Items for Sale or Trade - Page 7

Beautifully Painted Ork Lot

Small 40k force, very nicely painted.
Large selection of models including special characters
rrp around £130

Consists of the following -

1x Warboss, 1x Wierdboy, 1x Boss Zagstruk, 31x Boyz with Nobz, and assorted weaponry, 4x Burna Botz, 1x Boss Snikrot, 5x Stormboyz





Very Nicely painted Burna-Bommer

Please check out the photos to see the quality of the painting.

rrp 40.00


Ork Lootas

rrp 15.50

Ork Special Weapons

rrp 3.00 each (box set 15.50)

£1.80 each
Ork Nobz

rrp 3.00 each

£1.80 each 
19 Ork Boyz

rrp 18.00 for 11

£20 the lot
Ork Battlewagon

rrp 46.00


Small Business Saturday (UK) Promotion

As promised, a little promo for this weekend only.

All orders from the For Sale pages over £25 (not including postage), will receive a free little thank-you item in with the order, The only hint I will give is that I hope you have a sweet tooth!


PS. I'll be adding stuff as and when I can all this weekend, so please keep checking back!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Small Business Saturday - December 3rd

Pleased to announce Marching In Colour is now listed and verified on the official 'Small Business Saturday' website. 

This is a great promotion to help all small business nationwide. You can use the map on the Small Business site to search for local business close to you. If you can, do try and visit a business local to you this weekend, we little guys really do appreciate your support.

I'll be running at least one promotion over the weekend so be sure to check back here sometime as well!


Monday, 28 November 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 6

Medieval / Swiss Mercs

Foundry 28mm models.
Have been undercoated whits, and flesh painted on a few.

£1 each.
28mm WW2 - German Lot

Westwind 'Berlin or Bust' models, taken from across the 1944 range, but suitable for most Late War.

Total of 73 models, which includes LMG and HMG teams, bazooka, rifleman, smg, officers, even a flame thrower!

Some models have been undercoated black, but its starting to peel due to jostling in storage.

rrp is around £90

£40 the lot 

FoW British Daimler 1

BA311, rrp 13.00

FoW British Motor Platoon 

BR723, rrp 13.00

FoW British Quad Tractor

BR277, rrp 13.00

FoW British Rifle Platoon

BR722, rrp 24.00

FoW British BL 5.5" Gun

BR580, rrp 9.00

FoW British Paint Set

BPS01, rrp 12.00

FoW British Parachute Company

BBX16, rrp 33.00

FoW British 17pdr gun

BR521, rrp 13.50

FoW British Typhoon IB

AC005, rrp 11.50