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Monday, 20 July 2020

 Marching In Colour - EZ Painting Starter Pack: Dark Ages

Hi, thanks for taking the time to check out this pack I have put together aimed at getting started with painting Dark Age miniatures. This is what I would consider a good foundation to begin with.
It consists of a selection of colours which I have used a great deal in my work, as well as the brushes you need, and the glue to start assembling your plastic miniatures.

This guide is a step-by-step list of instructions. I use only the items in the pack and I give advice on a couple of basic techniques - dry-brushing, and ink work.

Lets begin by having a look what is in the pack -


In the pack you get 13 Vallejo paints, which includes 1x Black and 1x White (for undercoating and mixing colours), 1x Brown Ink (for the wash), and 1x Varnish for finishing and protecting your models. The other colours we will discuss as we go along.

You also get a pack of 4 brushes. This is one of my favourite little sets. It contains 4 very useful sizes, is very economical on cost and durable enough to make them value for money.

You also get 1x Humbrol Poly Cement. This is my personal 'go-to' brand for quality and is excellent glue for assembling plastic miniatures.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED - The Celts! These are volunteers solely for demonstrating the paint pack. Though I do stock multiple plastic sets with miniatures starting from as little as 50p each!

You can also add to the pack with additional Vallejo paints for £2.55 each.

Lets start the tutorial with having a look at the Poly Cement.

 Poly Cement actually burns/melts the plastic very slightly to produce a very secure fix. Coat both edges of the model, leave it a few seconds, then push together tightly.
Once it grips it will set tight within a few minutes.

Once the models are set, use the Size4 Brush, and undercoat the models in either Black or White. For this tutorial we are going with Black.

Once you have dry-brushed the Oily Steel, the next phase is to start the painting. As all the models have some level of flesh, we will start with the Flat Flesh. If your models are mainly hands and faces, use the Size 1 brush, if its a lot of flesh (like the bare chested Celts in our example), the Size4 brush may be best.

Once all the flesh is painted (you may need two coats as we are using a black undercoat), its time to move on to the clothing. You'll notice in the photo below that two paints - Flat Earth, and Leather Brown - are set slightly aside. Use the Flat Earth for wooden weapons and some hair, and use the Leather, for well... leather. Size 1 or 4 Brush depending on how large the are is. The bigger the brush, the larger area it paints in one stroke, the faster you will complete.

When it come to belts and small detail, use the 00 sized brush.

By this point we should have something like the models below. There are 3 basic cloth colours in this set, but we also have a White and a Black. By mixing paint we can get lighter and darker shades.

When mixing paint, use the Size 4 brush. Its big enough for the process, but not so large it swallows all the paint. To mix, try using a small dab of water and always start with a little amount of white paint and add more as you wish. This allows you to better control the degree of shade.

Bonus Tip: If you have any white left on your palette, don't clean the brush you are using to mix, dip another little bit of water and run the brush through the white. You'll get an even lighter shade for further highlighting.

The Refractive Green when painted as a base colour and when you add a bit of white to the mix.
 As you can see you can get very different colours.

Once the basic work has been done, it is now time for the master action - the Ink work!

This Brown Ink is very versatile and very effective. Do not use it straight from the bottle - mix it with water first. A good mix to start with is 50/50 ink to water. More Ink will give a darker wash, less ink will give a very light wash. Avoid using too much water though, and ensure you have fully agitated the ink first!

The results of a 50/50 water-ink wash.

You can now add details to the fabric, paint the weapons and armour with the Oily Steel, and do any jewellery in Gold

Use the 00 brush for fine detail. When painting metal jewellery it helps to re-paint them black first.

This set contains the basics you need for painting Dark Age models, and it also includes a bottle of Matt Varnish for sealing and protecting your models. Apply liberally with the Size8 brush.

The finished Celt volunteers using the sequence above and the paints and brushes for this set.
I cheated a little by adding flock to the bases. I also sell flocks and grasses and have a large variety in stock. Please contact me or see my eBay store.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Any feedback is always appreciated.

Sunday, 20 October 2019

Health Update

Hi folks,

Just a quick post here rather than spam everyone's inbox again!

A week or so back, for the best part of a month I was suffering from near constant migraines. At the worst I would lose the best part of a day and be unable to do anything productive, and for the rest of the time it was near solid 24/7 headaches of varying degrees.

Two Doctors and one Opticians visit later and I think (with the help of some solid medication) I am on top of the triggers and have been rather successful at avoiding them and keeping the migraines at bay. I would say I'm about 90% fit. I've got a blood test lined up to rule out anything really serious, and hopefully that will go smoothly and I can start getting things back on track with the business.

One of the triggers is unfortunately PC monitors so I cant spend long looking at a screen now. This means I am well behind with admin and emails. I'll be prioritising them though, so I will get back to people asap.

As Marching In Colour is my full-time job and only source of income, the coffers have taken a massive hit this last month with almost no money coming in. Financial matters aside, my biggest source of worry has been letting people down. Some folks have been waiting a time on models now and I can only apologise.

The good news is though, now I know its not painting causing my headaches I can start getting the hours back in and peoples models sorted again in good time.

It's been a tough month I will confess. At times I worried that I might have a serious illness, and at times I thought I may have to close shop and pack in the business. I've done nothing but paint for about 3 years full time now, the idea of looking for a real job was almost as scary as thinking I was dying!

Thanks for bearing with me.

Monday, 21 January 2019

Hospital - eek!

Howdy all,

Just a quick post to keep everybody up to date.

I had a chest-infection which I thought I could soldier through. Unfortunately that turned out to be the wrong decision, I got worse, and ended up with a trip to the hospital!

Long story short, I have been given a double-whammy of steroids and antibiotics and seem to be responding well.

Priority at the moment will be sending out the backlog of Ebay (to avoid negative feedbacks!), then back on to the painting. I estimate I've maybe lost 1-2 weeks of decent painting so will be putting back estimated completion dates soon.

I'll email all those effected asap, this is just a general post to let everybody know the situation.

Thanks for your understanding.


Saturday, 15 December 2018

Lower Scale (6mm to 15mm) Napoleonic Commissions

Howdy folks,

This post is just to let everyone know I will not be taking any NEW Commissions for small scale Napoleonic work until well after the New Year (probably around Feb/March 2019).

This is due to having two major bookings for a lot of work that have completely filled the schedule.

'No New Commissions' only means anybody enquiring from the time I make this post.

If you have already sent me models, your place in the queue is safe.
If we have already discussed sending models, and I have given you a slot, even if its just pencilled-in/speculative, then your place in the queue is also safe.

No new commissions only effects,

anybody enquiring  from now (December 15th)
small scale - that is 6mm, 10mm, 15mm AND Napoleonic

It DOES NOT effect
Larger scales - I am still taking commissions for 20/28/54mm Napoleonics
Smaller scale NONE Napoleonics - I am still taking commissions for 6/10/15 Ancients, DarkAge, Medieval, Fantasy/Sci-fi and so on.

Sorry for any inconvenience guys.

The good news though, is that we are going to see a LOT of gorgeous Napoleonic photos popping up over on my Facebook page, and I mean gorgeous, because not only are these two commissions very large, they are also for PREMIUM QUALITY painting!

For regular updates please check out my Facebook page here -


Monday, 1 October 2018

October Update - Trade Show, Ebay, Painting Schedule, New 6mm Scenics, Photos!

Hi folks, new week so new update...

Schedule is looking OK. Wait times for new commissions are around 2-3 weeks at present. This will change into November though as I have a trade event to attend and will be meeting a couple of people there to pick up painting commissions. So if you are after painting - now is a good time to book!

Ebay - store will be restocked asap. I had a flurry of sales over the weekend (thanks so much guys!) so I'll restock when I get the chance. I'll also be adding a few new goodies... ;)
The Ebay store is here -

6mm Scenic Pieces - the first of the finished lots are done and are awaiting photos. They'll be added for sale and available for commission real soon. Prices will be around the £12 - 25 range.
Previews can be found over at the Facebook page -

Photos - I have a ton of photos to take, edit, and upload. These are not so much a priority (over the painting and Ebay), but will be done and posted asap. As well as photos of the 6mm, we can expect - WW2 Vehicles, 15mm Arabs, 10mm Cold War, and a heck of a lot of 10mm Vikings and Picts!

And last but not in any way least, I can confirm (if you haven't read already), I will be attending with my little stall again at BATTLEGROUND 2018
I had a great time last year. I got to talk to a number of people who I have painted for but never met in person, so it was great to put names to faces. I'll also have waaaay more stuff to sell as this year I have the Ebay store (which I didn't have last year), so please come over a visit me at this most awesome of shows (I also believe its FREE ENTRY! so you've no excuse!) Details of the show on their page here -

Thanks for reading. Chris

Tuesday, 5 June 2018


Hi, and thanks for checking out the page dealing with the Collection Sale.

This is a collection I am selling on behalf of a client of my painting service, who approached me and asked if I could assist..

For all items listed here I am acting as an agent and selling on a commission basis. The majority of the share goes to my client and I will endeavour to get him the best prices possible, while also being fair to the community at large.

All sales will be on a first-come-first-served basis. You can email me offers. Any and all emails will be dealt with in order they are received.

My email is -

At time of writing, only fellow hobbyists from my own pages, mailing lists, and forums and pages I regular know of this list. The items here are not yet listed on any sites such as Ebay. This is to encourage private sales, before items are presented to the masses!

Payment can be made to me directly, via Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cheque or Postal Order, or if you are local to Stockton-on-Tees you can collect in person.

Most items are excellent quality with all inserts and pages intact. Some older items may have minor cosmetic damage. Rather than list the quality of every item, I will instead update the list as enquiries come in. So if you are interested in any book, please let me know and I'll add to the description and post more photos as we progress.


Parcels will be sent by 1st Class Registered Delivery (or Large Letter if smaller/light)

Cost for parcels as follows,
upto 1kg - £5.95
upto 2kg - £6.95
Over 2kg - to be discussed


With all that said, first up... a bunch of Games Workshop books, including many oop and rare Warhammer Historical titles!


Imperial  Armour Apocalypse (New, Sealed)    5.00
Warhammer 40k Rulebook     offers
Warhammer  Armies: High Eves   10.00
Warhammer Fantasy Battle Rulebook    offers
Warhammer Armies (softback) SOLD
Realm of Chaos, Slaves to Darkness  SOLD
Warhammer  Siege (hardback)    40.00
Warmaster Ancients    40.00
Warmast Ancient Armies   40.00
Warmast Medieval Armies   90.00
Warhammer Historical: The Great War 40.00
Warhammer Historical: TGW Over the top SOLD
Warhammer Historical: Gladiator SOLD
Warhammer Historical: ECW 30.00
Warhammer Historical:Legend of the High Seas SOLD
Warhammer Historical: The Old West 35.00
Warhammer Historical:TOW Frontier blood 45.00
Warhammer Historical: TOW The Alamo 30.00
Warhammer Historical: TOW Showdown 40.00
Warhammer Historical: Shieldwall 15.00
Warhammer Historical: Age of Arthur    45.00
Warhammer Historical: Siege and Conquest    30.00
Warhammer Historical: Ancient Battles    20.00

Marching In Colour - JUNE UPDATE - Photos, Plastic Sprues, and Epic 80's - Present SALES!

Howdy folks,

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read this latest update, and a big 'thank-you' to all those who continue to support my business - your patronage is noted, welcomed, and very much appreciated!

In this update -

1. Ebay - 'Power Seller' status achieved! And a dozen more plastic sprue sets added to buy in small groups of 4 or 8 models (or 3 cavalry).

2. Photos - my galleries now stretch to over 90 albums and over 2000 individual photos.

3. EPIC SALE - I'm acting as agent to help sell a collection of books, magazines, and rulebooks, dating from the 80's to present day.


When I launched my shop I had one intention - to offer the best customer service possible, and I believe I have not only achieved that, but maintained it.

As many people know, Ebay can be classed as a 'buyers market', that is to say the buyer has the best choice, and sellers constantly discount their prices to a marginal fraction of the rrp. For example, outside of a Games Workshop store, when have you ever paid full rrp on GW product? A minimum of 10% discount is common.

As a small business this is a horrible practice. Our margins are already low, and many of us sell to maintain our homes, lifestyles, and pay bills. We run a regular business. To haggle and discount the small guy down to where his margins are pennies, for the work involved, is a poor place to be.

I took the stance early on, that although my prices may be 20p, or 30p, more than the cheapest seller, that I would endeavour to offer 100% on customer service. This means top-notch packaging, speedy dispatch, and help and advice where needed on tasks like assembly, or painting advice.

I am pleased to say that by Ebay standards and the feedback I have received, my business plan seems to be working so far.

With all that in mind, I have increased the amount of plastic sprues I carry to include Ancients, Dark Age, and Medieval miniatures. You can now purchase well over 20 different sets from top manufacturers like Perry Miniatures, Gripping Beast, and Warlord.

20 sets in addition to everything else my store stocks - boxsets, books, oop miniatures, assorted miniatures, scenery, and of course - pre-painted models and models painted to order.



I had a bit of a PC-scare recently and thought my hard drive was about to go, so I decided to upload as many photos from my computer into my Facebook page as possible. I later also discovered that my email folders, in particular the 'SENT' folder, actually contained emails back as far as 2005!

This included all the photos from all the commissions I have completed in the last 13 years!

I've still got to go through roughly years  2014 - 2017 and upload them to the Facebook group, but I am pleased to say over on the page now, I have 90+ Albums, full with almost 2100 photos!

These largely cover every commission I have undertaken in the last few years. It is a bit staggering to think just how many models I have painted, how many tables my work has graced, and how many battles all the little troops I have painted for people have fought.

And its still going strong!
New Albums this week are set to include all the 10mm Rohan (400+ Infantry, 300 cavalry), a completed Perry Travel Battle Set, and later some WW2 Italians and Medievals.

For those wanting to see the collection, please visit my Facebook page here - 


I was recently contacted by a client and asked if I could help sell a large portion of his collection. Always pleased to help out I said 'Sure, no problem!' little did I know just how large this collection would turn out to be!

One very tired delivery driver later and three big boxes filled to the brim with books, rulebooks, and magazines arrived on my door step - 3 big boxes, 90kgs in weight!

I opened them up and it was like an Aladdin's Cave of treasures, enough to stock a small shop. This collection includes rule sets from the 80's printed in low-tech booklets, through to modern day sets available in most good hobby shops today.

The star of the collection though has to be the sheer amount of rare and oop books, and the condition which they are in - near mint condition many of them!

It has taken me a little longer than anticipated to start sorting these, but they will all be priced and up for sale asap.

Please note - I am acting as agent on a commission. By far the lions share goes to the owner. By purchasing any of these books, you not only help me to maintain my business, but you are helping out a fellow gamer liquidate part of his collection. In practice I expect to spend a good portion of my commission on some of these myself, as I have an eye on a few I wouldn't mind adding to my own collection!

For the list of what is available, which will be amended as items sell and updated as I sort through the boxes, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK HERE -