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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Scenery and Terrain - BRIDGES

Rickety Wooden 

Made from balsa wood and reinforced by artists backing board, these bridges can be finished in a variety of colours and used for everything from crossing swamps, to woodland streams.

£3.25 each

Scenery and Terrain - FIELDS

Large Field

Made from artists backing board and rugged cut cloth, these fields can be painted a variety of colours to represent different crops and growth.

They are edged with static grass, and can be used for a multiple periods and theaters.

£4.25 each.

Scenery and Terrain - WALLS

 Ancient Egypt style

These walls are made from polystyrene, rough cut into blocks and textured with thick paint, before being drybrushed a light stone colour. Walls are based on wooden sticks and the bases finished with sand.

£1.75 each. More photos below, or HERE

Scenery and Terrain

In addition to the Painting Service, Marching In Colour also offers quality pre-made scenery and terrain for sale. Each piece is 100% handcrafted, painted, based, and all ready for the table.

Many of the items can be finished and painted in multiple styles and colours, for instance wooden bridges can be painted dark, mid, or light browns to better suit specific periods or locations. If you want a specific shade, please let me know when ordering.

The majority of the items are built-to-order, though a stock of common items is kept for quick dispatch. I also take commissions to build specific pieces, so if there is something you are after and cant find it on the lists below, please do get in touch and we can discuss design time and costs.

Marching In Colour Scenery and Terrain is crafted with the following principles in mind - 

1. Quality 
This starts with the materials, and ends with the paints. I source everything personally. If I am not happy with the quality I don't buy the material. 

2. Affordability
Each piece is priced at materials used + time taken, and designed to be as accessible to as many different budgets as possible. 

3. Durability
On both the table-top and in transit. Items are designed to survive the handling of the Postal Service, and constant demands of gaming.

And finally - I always ask myself one question when finishing a piece - would I be happy to buy this item, at this price? If the answer is yes, the the design is approved and the piece listed here for sale.

One last note,

This site is not designed to handle direct commercial sales. There is no 'cart' or 'check-out' process, sorry. For inquiries and orders, please email me direct at ''


To avoid a huge scrolling list of items with tons of photos, the scenery is broken down to specific pages. Please make your selection by clicking on the link


Friday, 21 October 2016

First look at scenics and terrain - Egyptian inspired WALLS

Howdy folks,

As mentioned in an update a few weeks ago, Marching In Colour will be introducing a new service specialising in creating scenery and terrain pieces, 100% handcrafted, no resin, fully painted, assembled, based, and ready to add to the field.

It gives me great pleasure to showcase the first in this new line - a set of walls, inspired by the architecture and colours of Ancient Egypt.

It gives me even greater pleasure to also announce the price of these pieces - £1.75 each!

£1.75 puts these walls in the market at cheaper than most unpainted resin pieces. This is just a sample of the style, craftsmanship, and price that the new service aims to bring to fellow gamers. I'll be posting many more items over the next few weeks as we complete the samples.

Any thoughts, comments, or pre-orders, please email me at ''

thanks for your time.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Flexible Pricing Example

Howdy folks,

I've had a few enquiries regarding more examples of the flexible pricing system so I've pulled two photos which I think best show the difference between the 'simple' and 'complex'.

Many painters - myself included prior to flexible pricing - charge a 'flat rate' for models. A 28mm model may be £4.00 for example. That £4.00 is typically regardless of what the model is. The only difference in pricing tending to come from the 'table-top' vs 'showcase' standards.

With my new system in effect I can charge lower rates for simpler models, while charging more standard rates for more complex models. The two photos below really help to illustrate the difference,

With the top photo - the civilians - there inst much too them. Plain robes, skin tone, hair, belts, sticks and rocks.
The bottom photo - the French Infantry - have a lot more going on. The drummer alone has collar, cuffs, lace, belts, uniform, trim on the helmet, and then there is the intricate work on the drum!

The difference between the two is fairly obvious, and now thankfully so is the price.

The civilians would come in at a modest £3.00 (possibly even below that), while the French would stretch to a maximum £4.60. I say maximum as if it comes in under that, you would be charged less.

I hope this helps to further illustrate the flexible pricing.
Any further questions, comments, or discussion please do send me an email to ''

Commissions are building up fast, but I still have a few spaces available. If I can help, I would love to hear from you.


Sunday, 16 October 2016

October Update