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Monday, 26 March 2012

Gripping Beast: Normans 28mm

A small selection of models from 'Gripping Beast'
4x Italio Norman Mercenaries

4x Crusaders in Scale Armour

The bonus model is W.A.R 30th Anniversary Saxon Raider, by Musketeer Miniatures.

I had the links from the Gripping Beast website to work from, so the paint scheme is roughly the same as the ones advertised on their page.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work, feedback as always is much appreciated!

Small + Green = SNOTLINGS!

Everybody loves Snotlings!

As I don’t have any historical 15mm models at hand and have had a few requests for samples of my 15mm work, this will have to suffice for now. These guys are roughly 15mm, being smaller than goblins, which are smaller than orcs, which are smaller than trolls...

Kinda ran out of stuff to say, sry...

Friday, 23 March 2012

Bretonnian/Medieval Archers

Models: Bretonnian Archers, 28mm. Oop Games Workshop Warhammer

I haven’t played Warhammer, for many many years since I was a youngster, but still dabble in painting the odd few every now and then. These models are from the Oop Warhammer Game (5th edition I believe), but could easily suit medieval period.

The models, as with most plastic Warhammer, are very nicely sculpted and easy to paint.

The main uniform is 72022 Ultramarine Blue, leggings are 72061 Khaki, coif 72049 Stonewall Grey, all Vallejo.

Still taking painting commissions for April, £2.50 per model. Average completion time is 3 weeks, so no major wait for your models!

Thanks as always for viewing.

Monday, 19 March 2012

EM4 Miniatures - Troopers in NBC Suits

Troopers in NBC Suits
Miniatures: EM4

I've always been a fan of EM4, everything from their customer service to their prices please me, and the miniatures they sell are one of my favourite lines to paint due to the relative ease of the sculpt.

Everything is crisp and clean and the detail is solid and easy to paint, which in all produces great results with little time and effort.

I believe these models are early Copplestone sculpts, and the entire trooper range from EM4 remain one of my favourite lines in production.

I decided to paint these guys with a standard uniform and one that required as little work as possible. The only aspects I wanted to ensure was that the thick rubber that protects the suit be a nice dark black, and I painted the area twice to achieve a strong heavy look, and that the weapons be distinct.

Most of my work these days features a variant on the 'dip method', usually with a repaint over the top of the area I want to highlight, but these models I found didn't need a repaint after the dip, just the shine taken off with a bit of matt varnish. This saved a lot of time and the models were finished within a couple of hours.

I still have a little work to complete on the bases as I hope to have the bare patches on the base represent more of 'chemical spill' look.

Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Warhammer 40k IMPERIAL GUARD Project

I purchased these models a while back off Ebay as a 2nd hand army. They are part of a 100+ force which includes characters, special weapons and of course vehicles!

They have sat in a box in storage (I bet that doesn’t sound familiar to any wargamer!) and the plan is to paint them in small patches as part of a side project to my normal painting work, then sell the army once its complete.

This is the initial idea for my uniform colours. The material part of the uniform is Vallejo 72061 Khaki and the armour 72067 Cayman Green

Bad light doesn’t show the work on the armour very well, but you can see it a little better in the birds eye view shots. I am not too concerned with photo quality for these at the moment as they are really just sample models for the uniform colour.

Squad markings will be added once the project/army is complete and it will be game legal and usable.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sci-fi TEDDY BEARS..!?

Over the years I have painted A LOT of miniatures, hundreds of goblinoids, countless Naps, swords and shields through to World War II, and occasionally, every now and then, something a little different like these guys...

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Space Teddy Bears!

Yes, honestly.

I actually had more fun painting these than I thought I would. The models themselves are nice and clean, and are very easy to paint.

Thankfully I was given a lot of flexibility in doing these, so I decided they would be assembled as a crack team, weapons and trappings fully uniformed, with a distinct 'Officer' class (the bear with the orange coloured weapon and armour). No special ops team is complete without a bit of flair, so I gave these red 'face paint' as a kind of war marking.

Coming up next time, American War of Independence and Games Workshop Imperial Guard!

Commissions being taken now, this standard would be £2.50 per model.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Taking Painting Commissions Now (and extending FREE service)

I am now taking paid commissions on painting, prices as follows -
15mm - £1.50
28mm - £2.50
6mm – please enquire

I aim to get 40 models per week painted, so turnaround times should be real fast.
All work will be done to your specs, and you will receive full colour photos for your inspection before the models are sent back to you, allowing you to advise on any changes you would like before the project is completed.
There will also be a small charge for post and packing.

I am also extending my FREE painting service.
If you have any models that I dont already have photos of on my website, I may be willing to paint them up for you for free. This offer is open to small numbers, around 10 or less.

I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in either offer!