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Monday, 28 December 2015

December/January - Quick update

Howdy all,

It seems a lot of people got new minis for xmas (yay!), and I have been receiving a lot of interest and enquires lately. This post is to save emailing everybody the same info.

My schedule is fairly epic at the moment with a lot of commissions booked in. I am happy to take more, but I cant offer anything past a late January/early Feb start.

My best advice is if you are happy with a slot further down the line, please let me know and I will reserve a space for you. If you later change your mind - that the delay is a little too long for you to wait - if you could please let me know.

There is no obligation, and I wont take offence if you cancel, it is just easier for me to then offer a place to someone else.

thanks folks, and have a great New Year!