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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Spring Clearout 2 - Buildings, Balsa, and Scenery

Next lot has been sorted through, as follows -

3x Small packs of assorted Balsa (230x75x152)
2x Large packs of assorted Balsa (460x155x152)

All packs contain chiefly balsa blocks, with sheets on the outside.

Looking for £8.00 for all 3 of the small packs
and, £12 each for the 2 large. All prices are inclusive of UK p/p.

8x Assorted Javis Buildings, listed as follows,
1x Derelict Cottage
1x Small Lodge
1x Church Corner
1x Large Derelict House
1x Derelict Hut
1x Derelict Outbuilding
2x Large Derelict Tavern

Items would suit 25/28mm fantasy, or historically possibly down to Medieval period as they are very much European style, timber/stone.

All items are still packaged and so dont photo very well. Below is a link to the manufacturers website
Looking for £40 the lot, including UK P/P
Finally, some Javis Terrain
7 Assorted pieces, as follows
1x Spiky Stone Terrain
1x Muddy Pool
2x Large Stone Mound
2x Medium Stone Mound
1x Large Hill
Link to the Javis listing
Selling for £30 the lot, including postage UK
Last up,
1x Cave Temple
1x Large Temple
Both Javis pieces, and both very nice models.
Asking £18 for the pair, including p/p UK
Any questions/offers, please email me.
I would prefer payment via Paypal.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Spring Clearout - Javis Scenic Materials

Howdy all,

Seems like forever since  had the time to write anything here. The holiday period was a real busy one for me, and I have around 6000 photos of painted models to upload (ok, maybe not that many but its a lot), everything from Ancient Egypt, to 'Expendables' inspired Foundry squad. Also found a bumper lot of photos of old work from years back, anyways on to the real focus of this post - my Spring Clearout!

I've been a wargaming since a child, as well as a horder and a man who loves a bargain. Over the course of time I have gathered far far more stuff than I need, so its time for an epic clearout.

I will be posting items as and when I get the time, and giving people visiting my site first choice of stuff before I stick it all on Ebay.

In this lot 'Javis scenic materials' (which is only the bottom half of the photo!) -

11x Medium Cork Bark

2x Dark Green
1x Light Green
2x Summer Mix
3x Autumn Mix
1x Multi Colour
1x Autumn Brown

Static Grass
13x Summer Mix
7x Spring Mix

4x Rough Pasture
9x Sand
7x Moorland Mix

Open to offers on any/all and looking for around 70% retail price, so please no crazy offers like £5 for the lot. Willing to do a good deal on multi purchases. Basically I want rid of the lot, but not enough to sell myself blind, after all, I could use these myself (eventually, like years...)
Postage at cost plus price of packaging.

Any questions/enquiries/offers please email me at ''

Will give it a few days here before I move the lot to Ebay.


PS - Full details/photos of all the products can be found on the Javis website -