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Sunday, 13 November 2016

November Update

Hi folks, 

In this update - 

1. Items For Sale - finally my selling page will be updated with a ton of stuff
2. Scenery Update - good news, and news on the 'battlefield in a box' delays
3. Website layout issues - anybody having problems?

1. Items For Sale
I have made a start adding a few odd and random items (everything from 1/72 Nap French cannon, to an Orc Blood Bowl ref), to the Marching In Colour blogsite please do venture and have a look.
Over the next few days a lot of stuff will be added, including the first pro-painted models straight for sale - War of the Roses archers, Perry Miniatures. I also have several complete armies to go up as well, so there is a good mix of odd random models, small collections, and ready painted models. The plan is to add a few new items every 2-3 days so please do check back often.

2. Scenery Update
A lot going on here, so I have broken it down into segments - 

First Orders Out - thank-you to everyone who has purchased and to those who have commented. All feedback is greatly appreciated. The next batch of walls will be going out tomorrow, so if you are waiting on them, expect them roughly Wednesday 

New Items - will be added this week, I promise! Hedges, bushes, and 28mm Celt Roundhouses will finally make it to the website.

Delay on 'Battlefield in a Box' idea - as much as I wanted to get this done as it was my preferred period first (6mm Ancients) we kinda underestimated the demand for the first lot of items (especially the Egypt walls, very popular!). I am sorry to those who asked, but I dont think we will see this ready for at least another 2-3 weeks.

Custom Items - the feedback here has been great, so much so that I hope to do a couple of pages on my website to showcase just what you can get for x-hours work. We charge 'per hour + materials' for the custom work, and when you figure that materials are cheap, and one hour designing, cutting, and assembling, and then an hour texturing, painting, and drybrushing makes a lot of stuff. £20 gets full colour buildings that even flat-pack mdf cant compete with. 

3. Website Layout Issues
I have been having a little difficulty working with 'blogspot' in getting the photos and text to line up correctly (thanks to Mr L for pointing out the mobile viewing issue!). If you are having trouble viewing the blog, please have a look on the Facebook page until I figure out the best way to fix this. I may have to add captions to the photos instead of text around them. Or possibly produce a downloadable pdf. Either way, I am working on it!

Schedule page has also been updated. 
There are a couple of openings for commissions available. Its going to be tight, but depending what comes in, they may be guaranteed 'before Christmas' slots.

Thanks for your time

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