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Monday, 23 July 2012

2013: Designing the Game, Update 4, Loot!

The main reason a player takes their team of Survivors out into the field, dodging the Diseased, the looters, and the danger is to forage for supplies. In 2013 the Player receives new items for completing the scenario objectives and/or collecting 'Loot' tokens found scattered around the game board.

These tokens represent much needed items and supplies which either boost the characters effectiveness in the Action Phase, or more commonly are used for the teams survival in the Management Phase.

The type of items the token generate are based around the actual map location from which they are placed and collected. Loot tokens found in backyards would wield valuable items like hammers and nails, saws, axes or even Mountain bikes. In other words practical items, useful in their own way, but no good if the team is hungry. For that a player would need to collect Loot tokens placed in kitchens for example.

Once a player has collected a Loot Token, new items are generated by rolling on a 'Loot Chart', with items further broken down into categories representing the rarity (or usefulness of the item found) with rarer items being more powerful in their game effects than common items.

The following is a 1st draft look at a Loot Chart for a 'Bathroom' location.

Bathrooms are common areas to search, (each house tending to have at least one!) and tend to yield a good variety of items used to maintain the Hygiene of the Survivors. Without good Hygiene the group is at risk of disease, not 'THE' Disease, but none the less a variety which will have negative effects upon the characters.

Please note this chart is subject to change and has no game effects on it yet, as I am still working out the maths on these. So far in writing, items have a bonus between +0.10 and +1.00, and a number of uses before they deplete. For example 'Soap' at the moment has the following stats,

Soap, Hygiene +1.00 (18)

Roughly speaking 1 use of Soap (it has 18), provides the full complement of Hygiene for 1 character (1.00) for 1 day of survival.

That may seem a decent amount, but when an average team of Survivors numbers 6 characters, then its only three days of constant use by them all and the bar of soap is depleted (used up, no longer exists).

Good new is there exists rules on the table for the Rationing of items! But that can wait until a future article. For now, any feedback on the Loot Table idea would be warmly welcomed!

The first look, Bathroom Loot Table -
D100 Roll (1-51: Common Loot, 52-72: Uncommon Loot, 73-81: Rare Loot, 82-100 Special)

1-4: Bottle of Bleach
5-8: Packet of 4 Soaps
9-11: Bottle of Shower Gel
12-14: Bottle of Shampoo
15-17: Shaving Razors and Foam
18-21: Toothpaste
22-24: Quality Clean Towel
25-27: 4pack of Toilet Rolls
28-30: Moisturising Lotion
31-33: Hygenic Wipes
34-36: Quality Bathrobe
37-39: Air Freshener
40-42: Women’s Toiletries
43-45: Mouthwash
46-48: Deodarant
49-51: Cotton Buds

52-54: Electric(battery) Toothbrush
55-57: Nightlight
58-61: 12pack of Toilet Rolls
62-64: Attractive House Plant
65-67: Candles
68-70: Small Medical Cabinet
70-72: A really good book

73-76: Large Bag of Assorted Soaps
77-79: Well packed Medical Cabinet
80-81: Top Quality Shower Curtain

82-87: Players Choice of 1 Common
88-92: Players Choice of 1 Uncommon
93-96: Players Choice of 1 Rare

97-100:Re-roll + 1 extra one Roll


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