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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Booardgame Contest over at

Well.. after dabbling over the years in making various games I thought I would try my hand at actually getting something done for others to sample. What better place to start than over at!

While I work at the game I hope to continue this blog on its design, giving a view of the game, the rules when they are ready, and also an insight into the mechanics and decisions I make while making the game.

Anyone interested can find my thread over at BGG, here -

And the premise of the game?
2013 Post Apoc Survival!


2013: An Apocalyptic Survival Game

On December 21, 2012 the world ended. Trouble is, it didn’t end for all us...

2013 is a team manager style survival game, set in post apocalyptic version of the real world. The player takes the role of a group of survivors, a rag tag bunch of people, young and old and leads them in the search for food, water, and other useful items.

What makes 2013 unique is its attention to detail. All maps are to scale and based on real everyday locations. A street isn’t just a bunch of houses in a row, its a scavenge hunt through actual rooms. Looking for food means hitting the kitchen and dining areas, new clothes and bed sheets means taking the stairs to the next floor and searching the wardrobes.

Easy enough. But that’s only half the story... aside from run ins with other scavengers in this dog eat dog new world, there lurks something 'else'... people have changed... they call them the 'Diseased'.. and they are hungry for flesh...

This isn’t some gun toting Zombie shooting apocalypse. This is real. This is Sarah Wilkings, 27, Office Assistant, Survivor. This is Stanley Jefferies, 64, retired Geography Teacher, Survivor. This is Claire Smith, this is Scott Bond, this is you. This is the end of the world.

How long will you survive?
How long can you survive?

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  1. mock up and playtest in a week