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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

2013: An Example Game

2013: 'To the Shop and Back!' a sample game

Howdy folks,

For this update I thought I would give you a brief play through of a level I am working on. This isn’t a set scenario (as its not all that exciting!) but I wanted to demonstrate the rules as they stand so far.

For this game I will be using 3 of my pre-made Survivors team, Jeff Stevens(Body:4 Smarts:4), Stacey Howler(Body:7 Smarts:2) and Stuart Bright (Body:6 Smarts:5). I decided to be nice and give my team a couple of items to help them out. Jeff has a solid piece of wood (weapon +2 Body, Lethality 10) and Stuart has a 'crowbar' (+1 Body, Lethality 9, +4 to Opening Doors).

The Set up

The map is pretty simple – alley, house, road, shop.

The Survivors will begin in the alley
Their goal – to get to the shop, raid it, and return.

For the starting Diseased models, and any future reinforcements we need to number the board sections, with the first alley considered a Survivor safe zone.
We then roll for initial Diseased placement. At the moment I am using a default 1 Diseased per Survivor. You can make this lighter or tougher as you see fit, but 3 is more than enough for a challenge.

The dice are rolled, scoring 2, 3 and 5

And the models placed on the game board

The alley at the side of the house isn’t safe, so its a choice of which house to move through. First the Survivors spread out to check the yard gates. Version 002 of the rules doesn’t include anything on doors. For this game I am testing new rules that will appear in 003, regarding doors and locks.

Jeff informs the team, the door he is at is locked. So is Stuarts. Stacey tells them both to be quiet as she edges closer to the alley, to keep tabs on the Diseased.

One of the items I gave the Survivors is a crowbar. This item is designed to open doors (as well as hit people in combat!) Stuart has the crowbar which gives +4 to Opening Locked Doors. The yard door has a Body value of 10. To succeed in opening the door Stuart needs to roll higher than the doors Body value. As Stuart has a Body of 6, with +4 from the crowbar, any roll on his D10 and the door is open.


The Diseased, when they do not have a target move D10cms in a random direction. Here I use the one D10 and move in the direction of the 'arrow'

Its tough luck, but the Diseased is heading towards our Survivors! Luckily enough they don’t intend to stay there. Turns 2,3 and 4 are used by the Survivors to enter the building and move through it. Nothing much happens so we will pick the action back up on the Survivors Turn 5, when they face a crucial decision.

Here we can see the team assembled at the front door, with the shop across the road. The danger here is the Diseased in the building north of them has moved to the window and is looking out into the street. If the team move out they will be spotted.

They decide to make a run for it, the idea being to get into the shop before the Diseased can exit the building. Diseased once they lose line of sight on Survivors have a good chance of reverting back to random movement (they give up the chase when they cant see what they are running after).
Diseased inside buildings who can see prey outside, tend to go a little mad. First they charge at the window and hit it lots in an effort to get through. Then if that fails they will leave by the nearest exit and head to the area they last saw the Survivor.
Our teams plan of out running the Diseased take a turn for the worse as the Disease manages to smash the window! And falls out onto the street amid shards of glass.
This carries a degree of risk, even for the Diseased. There is a chance the glass does enough damage to cause a mortal wound. The Diseased is lucky here and escapes unharmed.


2013 is not a Zombie slaying game. The idea is not to amass a large body count, but to think tactically. If the players move to engage the Diseased who has crashed through the window, they will be the attackers. Being an attacker means you need a good weapon designed to kill. Stuart has a crowbar, and Jeff has piece of wood. Neither all that lethal.

It is far easier to despatch an opponent who attacks you and fails. Models who lose combat get Knocked to the Ground, and spend their next turn getting up, but both the attacker and defender are still classed as being in combat.

If the Survivors attack, and fail to kill with their weapons (a likely result) all they will achieve is to knock the Diseased to the ground. Which in its turn, will get up and attack them back.

By standing their ground and waiting for the Diseased to attack, the Survivors have several advantages. Firstly if they win combat, the Diseased will be on the ground, then in the Survivors turn they can finish it off. Secondly by standing and fighting where they are, they are closer to their objective (the shop). Finally, the Survivors have a little trick up their sleeves...

The Diseased attacks Jeff!

The Survivors have a special rule called 'Help me Obi Wan!', in which a Survivor who is under attack may call for help from a friendly nearby Survivor. In this case Stacey isn’t about to stand by and watch as Jeff gets eaten and makes a free 4cm move to enter combat to help Jeff.

The two Survivors combine their Body totals (Jeff: 4, Stacey: 7, + weapons, +1D10) against the Diseased who rolls 2D10. The Survivors manage to win the combat and the Diseased is knocked to the ground.


Although they won the last round of combat, and the Diseased is on the ground, it will get up in its next turn and attack again. All three models are therefore still counted as being in combat. The Survivors decide to take no chances and Stuart comes over to help. All 3 of the Survivors now beat on the Diseased, who only rolls 1D10 in defence. The three Survivors combine their Body totals, weapons and a D10 and easily win this round of combat. The Diseased is finished, and the team breathes a sigh of relief!


Each turn the Diseased get a chance of Reinforcements. This is a D10 roll, modified by the actions of the Survivors last turn. In this case the sounds of combat add +1 to the roll. A '10' or higher is needed to attract the attention of nearby Diseased. The die rolls a.... 9! +1 that’s 10! The last fight has attracted something's attention...

The Reinforcement roll uses the same number section as the initial deployment, so a D6 is rolled. The result is not good for the Survivors, its a 4. That’s the board section they are on.

Normally new Diseased arriving this way and that roll on the same section as Survivors, must be placed out of Survivor LOS, unless the board section is a road or alley. This is a nightmare for our Survivors as the new Diseased appears right next to them!

New models brought into play are free to act the same round as they emerge. In this case its a scream and a charge straight into the back of Stuart!

Thankfully for Stuart, both Jeff and Stacey can act under the 'Help me Obi Wan' rule and both move 4cms to help Stuart.
The rest of the Diseased movement is then made and its more bad news for the team. The Diseased lurking in the alley, rolls its move..

.. which brings it closer to the team! In the rules, combat and movement only effects the board section on which it takes place and adjacent sections. This movement brings the Diseased onto an adjacent section, and within view of the fight. Its eyes fix on food!
Finally, what about the Diseased in the shop?

Well the rules say combat effects adjacent board sections, and the shop is adjacent.

The rules also say that the Diseased will only pay attention if it had direct LOS assuming it was facing in the correct direction.
Unfortunately for the Survivors the combat which is now taking place is... directly outside the shop window! The Diseased in the shop actives, and she wants a piece of the team!

The situation doesn’t look good for the Survivors. What do you think? Will they survive or its it game over??

Mail me your votes!


  1. Really liked the sample game play, and have downloaded the rules for a closer look, keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks!
    Glad to know at least someone reads these articles. The rules are very rough draft, so ignore the typos :D