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Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Gallery

I have been painting models for over 20 years. On this page you will find some old, some very old, and some more recent examples of my work.

The very old - these date from the late 90's, through to the early 2000's (as you can probably tell from the models!)

You can click on any photo for a larger image.

Games Workshop Bretonnian Damsel.
A lovely model, most of the work was spent on the dress and on the hair.

Games Workshop Dwarf Character Models
Select models, chosen to escort the chief!

Games Workshop (possibly some Marauder)
Client requested a simple 'uniform' feel to the unit.

Games Workshop Chaos Space Marines
Standard non-Chaos Marines, painted in a Chaos Nurgle Theme

Games Workshop 28mm model
Painted for a client to use in table-top Roleplaying games

Games Workshop Ogre
Painted with a strong '5 o'clock shadow'

Games Workshop Ogryn
From the Warhammer 40k range

28mm Games Workshop Conversion
Requested by a client looking for something different. An Ork in Space Marine armour!

Games Workshop
Another model painted specifically for table-top roleplaying

Games Workshop 28mm Skaven
A favourite of mine from the 'Advanced Heroquest' era, and painted to be used in that game.

Games Workshop 28mm Dwarf Character
Well.. he had to have a big ginger beard of course!

The more recent, mid 2000 - to present. Many of these can be found in full articles on my blog, and some are from unpublished commissions.

15mm Peter Pig
Part of a commission based on Stalingrad. Rubble and snow bases.

Games Workshop 28mm Bretonnian Archers
Nice sculpts and easy models to paint.

Doom: the Board game
A zombie scientist and an Imp. Part of a selection of models from the game.

1/72 Plastic Egyptian Archers
Very nice detailed sculpts. Part of a larger Ancients themed commission.

28mm Napoleonic French
Small selection including a mounted officer. Based for a skirmish game

15mm German Panzer Grenadiers
A little tricky to paint such detailed camo in 15mm scale.

15mm German Panzer Grenadier Medics

1/72 Macedonian Hoplites
Armoured and unarmoured variations.

28mm EM4 Troopers
In bio-hazard suits, nice models and still very cheap.

6mm Baccus (and others) Roman Army
Part of my own collection. A small part.....

28mm Troopers
A simple khaki/brown/green colour scheme, but effective

28mm Scotlings - Impact Miniatures
A variation of the ever popular 'Bloodbowl', crazy Scottish Dwarves

15mm US Infantry
A nice selection of models. The photo below shows the same lot, prior to basing.

28mm Vikings
A small selection of Dark Age period commissions which I have undertaken largely over the last couple of years.

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