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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Pricing Structure Revamp - Done!

Hi folks,

As some of you may have noticed the old price charts have gone and new ones have taken their place.

First a quick note on all existing and booked in commissions - NO PRICES HAVE CHANGED for you guys. I have already made a note on existing commissions to work on the old system (not that things have changed much, as I'll explain)

Changes -

The old lower standard of A and B have been amalgamated into the new 'Rank and File' level.

The old middle standards of C and D have been changed into the new 'Standard Quality'

E which was the old higher standard has now been dropped completely. Instead a new 'Premium Quality' will be for really top end work.

A quick note on the old C standard. Under the old system prices allowed for an fluctuation between low-standard-complex, with prices being 3.00-3.50-4.60. A simple robed spearmen would be 3.00, a Napoleonic Grenadier 4.60. This got a little hard to follow sometimes with the models being so different. Under this new pricing the simple spearmen would now fall into 'Rank and File', while the Grenadier gets a small upgrade from the old Grade D.

Follows much the same method, A and B become Rank and File, C and D become Standard, and a new Premium Quality has been added.

Old A and B become the new Standard
New Premium Quality has been added

Prices revised and lower end (0.10p) dropped. In reality it was extremely rare to find a model that was so simple and fast to paint that I was able to charge 0.10p for. In the last year I think it happened once!
New Standard quality has a slight (0.10p) added to the 'Complex'. Painting detail on 6mm is time consuming and I was losing a little under the old system. This change though should not effect that many model types.

New Premium Quality Added! I had a lot of requests for this so had time to work on them and watch the clock to work out a proper quote for everyone.

I think its a better, more streamlined system.
Cavalry now have a much clearer price structure.

Premium level - I do hope to really deliver some quality miniatures under this. The price is a little high, but the quality will reflect this!

If you have any thoughts or comments or general feedback, I would love to hear it.
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