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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Playing around with the lightbox!

Hi folks,

Those of you who have known me a while, or have ever employed my service, have probably heard me moan a little about my poor photography skills. It's been a bugbear of mine for a while, as I always feel my shots never really do my work justice, and in turn - as I always send out proof photos before a commission is finished - never really give the client a total feel for the minis.

Talking to one recent customer I was advised to check out 'lightboxes' and I must say, I cant believe I had never seen or heard of these wonderous little constructions before!

After checking out several different types I finally decided to invest in a middle-of-the-road price/quality box, just to get into the flow of things. Over the last few days, in between painting, I've been happily snapping away and editing as many photos as I can, intending to practice and hone my skills.

Here are the results so far.

The Early Days

When I first got the box assembled, I was eager to start taking shots, so proceeded without any of the backing cards that came with the set.

The results were nice, but a little too 'shiny'

28mm Dark Age Warrior

28mm Gladiator

6mm Spanish

Onto the Boards

The box came with 3 backing boards - white, cream, and black.

First I tried out the cream,
15mm Javilinmen

then onto the white,

But, it was the black that I seemed to get the best results from!

6mm Ancients

28mm Advanced Heroquest

15mm Romans

15mm Archers

28mm British AWI

28mm German Infantry

6mm Cars!

28mm Confederates

28mm Union

Overall personally, I think its making a great improvement. Still plenty of practice needed to perfect and improve. I've got to deal with the brightness to start with, but I think I am getting there!

These photos are a sample of the many I have taken so far. If you want to see more, please do visit my Facebook page (you dont need a Facebook account, its all on public show!) via this link -

As ever - thanks for reading!


PS. If you like this photos, I am always available for commissions!
PPS. If you REALLY LIKE these photos, check back in a week or so, when I hope to have these items for sale!!


  1. That black backing sheet is the best - you're right. Can you tell us which lightbox you got? I'd like to take better pics of my minis as well

    1. Hi!
      Sorry.. I didn't see this comment or I would have replied sooner.
      It was this light box -