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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Pet Project - Spaceships!

Occasionally even I need a break from seemingly endless Napoleonics, and I dont think you can get much further from that period than this - I present my own little pet project, random spaceships!

I say random, as (typical gamer) these were more of an impulse purchase at a show than any real planned project. I have no rules, no scenery, no real plan beyond 'paint little dots on the sides of ships to represent windows'... lots of windows...

First up - a selection of my GZG fleet.

I decided for these to stick to a uniform colour - orange brown for the front of the vessels, blue for engine areas, and white for command/operations. The front of the ships also have white bands painted around the rim, one or two bands for small vessels, up to 3 for the large ships. Some of these bands also have checked colours (reds and blues). I figured this would be a nice way to identify the different 'class' of ships.

Next up - a set of plastic little ships I picked up off Ebay. I believe these are made by EM4. The models were a little too 'fighter' and larger scale when aside my GZG, so I decided to randomly cut them up and try to make little spaceships.

At the moment these are just a random collection of transports, merchants, pirates, different races etc.

Even a commercial liner of sorts! A golden luxury transport for civilians with the money to travel in style. You cant tell very well from my poor photography skills (although the bottom photo does show a little detail) - the craft has rows of tiny windows along the hull. After all, we want to pack as many civilians in per trip as possible!

An attempt at - a troop transport (or maybe cargo/merchant), some kind of raider, and a black stealth ship.

Thanks for viewing!
I really am just jumping into this scale and period and am on the look out for resources, inspiration, and different manufacturers of ships. If you have any advice, please do drop me an email -  it would be much appreciated!


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