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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Flexible Pricing Example

Howdy folks,

I've had a few enquiries regarding more examples of the flexible pricing system so I've pulled two photos which I think best show the difference between the 'simple' and 'complex'.

Many painters - myself included prior to flexible pricing - charge a 'flat rate' for models. A 28mm model may be £4.00 for example. That £4.00 is typically regardless of what the model is. The only difference in pricing tending to come from the 'table-top' vs 'showcase' standards.

With my new system in effect I can charge lower rates for simpler models, while charging more standard rates for more complex models. The two photos below really help to illustrate the difference,

With the top photo - the civilians - there inst much too them. Plain robes, skin tone, hair, belts, sticks and rocks.
The bottom photo - the French Infantry - have a lot more going on. The drummer alone has collar, cuffs, lace, belts, uniform, trim on the helmet, and then there is the intricate work on the drum!

The difference between the two is fairly obvious, and now thankfully so is the price.

The civilians would come in at a modest £3.00 (possibly even below that), while the French would stretch to a maximum £4.60. I say maximum as if it comes in under that, you would be charged less.

I hope this helps to further illustrate the flexible pricing.
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