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Friday, 21 October 2016

First look at scenics and terrain - Egyptian inspired WALLS

Howdy folks,

As mentioned in an update a few weeks ago, Marching In Colour will be introducing a new service specialising in creating scenery and terrain pieces, 100% handcrafted, no resin, fully painted, assembled, based, and ready to add to the field.

It gives me great pleasure to showcase the first in this new line - a set of walls, inspired by the architecture and colours of Ancient Egypt.

It gives me even greater pleasure to also announce the price of these pieces - £1.75 each!

£1.75 puts these walls in the market at cheaper than most unpainted resin pieces. This is just a sample of the style, craftsmanship, and price that the new service aims to bring to fellow gamers. I'll be posting many more items over the next few weeks as we complete the samples.

Any thoughts, comments, or pre-orders, please email me at ''

thanks for your time.


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