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Saturday, 16 April 2016

SAC! - Main Page

Below is a list of all articles relating to SAC!

Fancy play testing the Game? Then please try this basic scenario using SAC! 'light' rules -
Test the 'Bandit Camp' Scenario

Developer's Blog

Introduction to SAC! - The concept and idea of the game.

Heroes, Companions, and Units - The three types of models that make up the game of SAC!

Commanding Forces - The Turn Order - How forces move and resolve orders, and in which order.

Combat and the Rule of '6' - looking at the mathematical and technical side of combat in SAC!

Play Test Games

Game One - Mill Raid - An attacking warband prepares a raid against a Mill. Can the garrisoned                                                defenders repel the action?

Game Two - The Bandit Camp - One inexperienced commander must lead a small force to rid the                                                            local area of bandits

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