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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Introduction to SAC!

What is 'SAC!' ?

SAC! stands for 'Skirmish and Campaign' and is a table-top game that brings together elements of wargaming, board gaming, roleplaying, and computer game style MMO's.

Why 'SAC!' ?

I have been a fan of all those types of games for many years. Gaming is my number 1 hobby. I have never though found a gaming system that brings the best elements of all those styles together, and rolls them into one, so I thought - why not design one!

How 'SAC!' works

SAC! plays out on two main levels, firstly the 'Skirmish'. Players use models to represent their forces - a mixed collection consisting of a main 'Hero', the heroes 'Companions', and various small  military groups called 'Units'.

These forces engage in table-top battles and scenarios just like in a regular wargame or boardgame.

The other half of SAC! is the 'Campaign'. This section deals in part with the results of the Skirmish element of the game - models gain 'experience' and level-up their abilities and skills, as well as collect loot, glory, and gold.

But there is more... the Campaign builds up the players influence in an imaginary world - as well as controlling the soldiers and heroes in the Skirmish game, the player can build, own, and run structures and buildings, from camps and tents, armourers and blacksmiths, through to Merchant Houses, Guild Halls, and all the way up to Forts and Castles!

Co-Op, Verses, and Solo Play

SAC! is scenario driven. Each skirmish game has roleplay elements to it, even if that is just a straight-up grudge fight between two (or more) players forces.

Scenarios have objectives, victory conditions, and ways for the players models to earn experience  and loot. Scenarios can be 'Co-Operative', where two or more players join forces to fight a larger, more dangerous NPC faction, or otherwise attempt to achieve a goal that requires more than one player.

Scenarios can also be games of Player vs Player, with or without specific objectives. Maybe its a clash for influence, perhaps its a raid - one player may have a Viking style faction bent on pillage. That pillage may be against an NPC faction that hires the other player to defend it, or it maybe a pillage against the other players own town!

Solo Play is also possible in SAC! Scenarios focus heavily on NPC encounters or factions. With a few simple rules and steps to follow, you can lead your forces in a Skirmish and play-out your own Campaign.

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