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Friday, 13 April 2018

Plastic Possibilities - Now Stocking plastic mins, with a twist...!

Hi folks,

Thanks for taking the time to visit and read about my new dastardly plan... well, not so dastardly as I hope it will help plenty of folks out!

I am pleased to announce I will be stocking a whole range of plastic boxsets from leading manufacturers. For the first round these include - Perry, Gripping Beast, Warlord, and Fireforge, with the possibility to include Plastic Soldier Co. and Victrix further down the line. A selection of which can be seen in the photo below (but please read on, for the 'Master Plan'!)

The Plan

As well as selling per box, my idea is to open these packs up and sell models in small groups - 4, 6's, 8's etc similar to how many metal ranges are sold.


Two factors lead me to this decision.
Firstly the rise in smaller 'skirmish' type games, that use small groups such as 4 models, 6 models etc. While not expensive to buy small units like that in metal, its often not practical to buy those models in plastic. When you only require 8 models to make a unit, buying a 40 model box set is not really an option. So I thought, 'hey why not buy a box, then split it' so 5 people can buy the models they need in plastic.

The other reason I think this could be a good idea is my recent Ebay sales and inquires. I've been listing small lots of metal models in the same quantities (4/6/8's) and they have been proving very popular, selling almost as fast as I can sort them and list them. I've also been getting questions asking things like 'I'm after 4 great axes, do you have them?', or 'I like your listing for 4 spearmen, but I really need 8, do you have another 4?'

So, here we go!
Over the next few days I hope to open up and start listing the first few boxes from the selection of models below. After that, if people like the idea, I can invest in more boxes and extend the range.

In the end I hope to carry small lots of plastic miniatures from the Ancient period, through to the late Medieval.

thanks for reading

The first selection of box sets! If there is anything you fancy, please do get in touch!

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