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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Amera Plastic Mouldings - First Look and Thoughts

As many of my regulars know, I had a great 2017 running MIC and decided to branch out in 2018 to start stocking - and painting to sell - wargames scenery.

One of two new suppliers whose ranges I now stock is 'Amera Plastic Mouldings' ( and this is the first look, of the very first painted piece, now available in my Etsy and Ebay stores!

The item: U108 Planetscape-Escarpment Set, which I decided would make for a fantastic looking mountain range for 6mm ancients!

The models featured are 6mm Roman cavalry, and 28mm Roman archers

(please click on any image for a larger shot!)

Initial Impressions, and First coat of paint

I have to say, I was very impressed with the size and scale of the piece - its much larger than I thought it would be, and while the plastic seems thin, it is solid and sturdy and shows no sign of flexing even when pressing on it with some considerable force.

I left all 3 pieces attached to the plastic sheet to work with for the ease of handling.
Rather than texture and paint the sheet, I think these would be best cut from the sheet, which would allow far more flexibility in use.

So, onto the base coat....

Once the initial base coat was dry, it was time to apply lashings of the main colour.

Two solid coats later and we have a surface of texture we are happy to work with.

From there it was a case of simply adding highlights to the rock front. Though a little hard to tell from my weak photography skills, there is actually 3 levels of shade here!

The finished piece!

Sand, Grass, and the odd shrub

The sand is very fine and scattered first on the level top areas, then any ledge that looked sufficient enough to be a surface.

The grass is very light and largely along the edges.

The shrubs placed at random, just to give a little contrasting colour.

Thanks for reading.

This model has a basic rrp of £9.99.
A fully painted, and finished to this level piece is available from my stores for only £34.95!

You can even modify the colours to your own choice for the same price!

My stores -

Or you can order direct, by emailing me at ''


PS. Lots more painted scenery coming soon!

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