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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Items for Sale or Trade - Page 8

28mm Bolt Throwers

Well painted bolt throwers.

£5.00 each or pair for £8.00 
Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Throwers

Well painted.
Please note, one thrower only has 1 ammo rack.

£5.00 each or pair for £8.00
Dark Elf Dark Riders 

5 models including standard bearer.
All horses have tails (one has fallen off)

Dark Elf Hero

Mounted on cold one

Dark Elf Coldone Chariot

Missing the bar that connects the chariot to the beasts, but easily craftable (will make one for free and include if you require)

Dark Elf Morathi

Long oop model of a Dark Elf Sorcerer

21 Assorted Dark Elf Models

Included are 13 swordsmen (3 with broken weapons), 2 plastic spearmen, 1 champion, 5 crossbow troops.

All models are plastic


Eldar Grav Bike

Plastic model. Please note - red undercoat is very thick and really needs stripping. Price reflects this

Eldar Falcon

Plastic model, one weapon needs reattaching.

Paintjob is a little below average.

rrp 31.00

Gripping Beast Command 

28mm metal miniatures

Gripping Beast Hero

28mm model, includes weapons and shields

Gripping Beast Warlord

28mm metal model, including axe.

1984 Citadel Elves

Collectors items. Original Citadel Miniatures

£7.00 each, £18.00 for all 3
1985 Citadel Lord of the Rings

Original Legolas and Boromir

£8.00 each
Assorted Heroscape Models

18 plastic 28mm models from the Heroscape game.

£0.75 each or the lot for £10.00 
Lord of the Rings - Movement Trays

Sealed/new infantry movement trays.

rrp £2.55

25/28mm Plastic Romans

Legionaries. Please note - missing weapons arms. Price reflects this!

Ratling Snipers

Partly stripped metal miniatures.

£2.00 each or the pair for £3.00
5 Stormtroopers

Models from the Games Workshop plastic box set. Painted average/low


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