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Saturday, 10 September 2016

September Update!

Howdy folks,

Its been a while! I hope you are all doing well.

For those of you who are not on my small mailing list (drop me an email at and I'll add you to it), I thought it was about time I posted a little update on why this site has been so quiet lately.

Firstly I am still painting, and will be taking new commissions again real soon.

The reason for my absence was down to illness. I haven't been well, and still arent, though I am far better than I was. I am currently awaiting a hospital appointment for tests. As soon as I know anything further, I'll post a fresh update.

This bought of ill health left me unable to paint, and with a fairly large backlog of commissions booked in. Now I am back painting, I have cleared many of them, and priority is on finishing the rest. Aside from the need to complete promised commissions the other reason why I haven't taken any new commissions is, and I am happy to say, due to the coming revamp of Marching In Colour!

I have been painting, on and off taking commissions, since the late 90's and I have learnt a lot during the years. Getting back on my feet after being ill has spurred me back in to action and I have a ton of new ideas for MiC and the commission service.

The first of which is a brand new overhaul of the prices. Big changes include -

 * Going back to a multiple level of standard. Those of you who can remember the old 'Rank and File' painting option will be pleased to see the return of something similar, with prices now from £2.00 per 28mm model!

 * Better balanced service, and fairer prices overall. Prices have been balanced to better reflect time taken. This means a slight increase across the board for more detailed work, but a better shift overall for easier models to paint.

With the old system I worked to a broad 'average'. The time and money I lost undercharging for detailed Marlburian uniforms with lace and trim and turns, collars, cuffs and reverse musicians was   made up for slightly by using the same pricing model for naked celt warriors - both types at £3.00 each, but the time taken differed by a fair whack. This will be no longer the case, the new pricing model better balances cost vs time taken.

The new pricing page has been finished and you can check it out here - NEW PRICING STRUCTURE   I would love to hear your thoughts on this new structure. Please email any comments to  so I can be sure to read them.

I have a number of other revisions and updates that I am working on, and will roll them out in due course. A new buy/sell page, a better schedule, a daily/hourly update system, and a social media presence  (argh! Facebook!) are all in the works and coming soon.

Its good to be back.

Open for new commissions real soon.


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