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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


UPDATED: 14th August -  Commissions still being taken, rough waiting time is 2-3 weeks  

est = estimated completion date

The main purpose of this page is for people to check the progression of current commissions - to see what I am currently working on, what is coming up, how the workload is looking, when you can expect your current lot to be completed and when I will be available to take on more commissions.

This page consists of THREE sections -

Main Projects - details the two main commissions I am currently working on. I work on two at a time for variety, and to avoid getting bored with painting 100 copies of the same model!

Commercial Projects - details what I am currently working on that will be added 'for sale' once completed. Please enquire if interested.

Future Projects - a list of all commissions currently booked-in. This is chronological from the date I receive the models, or when the commission was ordered. Top of the list means your models are next up for the main!


1) 10mm Napoleonics
2) 28mm Dutch-Belgian Cavalry


1) Warhammer 40k: Gangs of Commorragh
2) German WW2 Infantry (Warlord)
3) Dwarf Army (Mantic)


1) 15mm Team Yankee
2) 28mm Franco-Prussians
3) Open!
4) Open!
5) Open!


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