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Saturday, 17 October 2015

PATREON - A new way to order painting commissions!

Over the years I have undertaken a lot of commissions and had a lot more enquiries that never turned into finished commissions. One of the main reasons for these enquiries not leading to beautifully painted models was the investment, or the outlay needed - the often large chunk of money to pay on completion.

I have tried to help ease this burden where I could by allowing people to pay in 'halves' -  half up front, rest on completion of the work, and while the feedback for this is usually great, it is still a hefty investment.

The other side of the coin is keeping Marching In Colour afloat. Not getting paid until the order is complete means I often have to wait several weeks before I see any return for the time it takes me to paint.

Unfortunately the regular bills of life - rent, utilities, internet, often require monthly payment.

I think I may have found a nice compromise for all parties involved..

Folks, I present my 'Patreon' page!!

Patreon is a kind of 'crowd funding' site, except you can pledge a certain amount of money 'per month' to the artist you are supporting.

I have set up Patreon page to offer each and every single pledge the equal amount of Painting Credit.

This (hopefully) will be a great way for people to pay for commissions while spreading the cost over a number of months rather than having to pay a single large bill.

Please note - this does not effect my regular pricing methods. This is entirely optional and intended to help those who may want to spread the cost of painting.

How it works -

When you make a pledge, Patreon will charge you once per month. This is taken directly from your payment method, and given to me here at Marching In Colour.
I keep a running total of the amount paid, which you can cash-in at any time (subject to the usual waiting period for commissions).

For instance, if you pledge £5 per month, you will be charged £5 per month, which is paid directly to Marching In Colour.
After 4 months you may decide you want some models painted. Four months at £5 has earned you £20 in painting!

You don't have worry about a large bill, and I can worry less about keeping the ship afloat.

If this method interests you, please check out the page. There is also a couple of other little bonuses you might like, but you will have to visit the page to find them out.

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