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Friday, 29 March 2013

LoM Part 2 - First draft and First Art Commission!

Greetings all,

Its been a tough few days of scrawling through notes and old printed rules, cherry picking some parts and trying to decipher just what that spider writing is supposed to mean, but I think I have something like a readable 1st *rough* draft.

It is more a collection of bullet points than a rule set, it contains no fluff and no examples, and not really much in the way of description and is wrote as '1.0 Blah Blah....    1.1 More Blah Blah... '

It does however provide anyone familiar enough with wargames to put together a little test game. Simply scrawl down a few numbers and follow the steps. What is missing in this draft is the purpose, or value of the numbers. There are no rules covering how many bases, or what troop types you should use, nor the values of those troops, or the amount of crucial 'Command Points' each side should have.

I would recommend anyone trying the game to use a selection of 10 unit bases, and open up with 30 Command Points. See how you go from there.

What I really want at the moment is not so much feedback on the numbers, but on the mechanics.

Does movement feel scaled?
Do units behave how you think they would?
How does the structure to the turn feel?
Are Command Points too complicated?
Can you spot any areas open to major abuse?

Thoughts on areas like that and not so much on areas like '35pts of Heavy Cavalry should do 6pts of damage not 5pts of damage'. The maths and the numbers can be worked on later.

The rules are available in two formats - OpenOffice and as PDF

At this stage I am asking anyone interested in play testing to email me direct - - for the links rather than posting them here. This is so I can keep track of how many people are helping, and discuss ideas in depth without getting swamped. I think its only fair if you take the time to help that I take the time to listen.

So, please email me for the first draft rules, even if its only to read them and say 'good idea' or not!

On to the second topic of business for today - the first Art Commission!

I know that's what plenty of you have been waiting for, as the response has been amazing, so many talented people offering their services. Its going to be very hard choosing the first artist.

This is the first piece (of hopefully many) that I will be commissioning, please bare with me as it might be a painful process, I don't have much experience in this part.

What I am after is something for the main cover. I have an idea of what I want, see the example below, but SERIOUSLY lack the talent to do it myself (see the example below!).

What we have is a central face, looking up at the viewer. I want this guy tough, aged, brooding, slightly miserable, slightly 'You dare disturb me....'. He is supposed to represent the general of an army, and hopefully will have the look of 'about to beat the enemy in battle' about him.

Regarding his helmet. I would like something regal, but not over the top. I also imagine this guy as man who leads from the front when needed, so some dents, or battle damage, scratches that sort of thing would be nice. But balanced with the fact this guy is chief and can afford good quality strong armour.

The guys to the left and right, the black silhouettes, should look something like Viking age warriors to Medieval men-at-arms. Swords, spears, shields, helmets, chainmail and leather armour, a banner flowing in the wind etc.

Aside from this idea, I am open to suggestions from the artist as to the best way to do this, I really don't know much about sketch, ink, colours, digital etc I do want this guy to look realistic though.

Charges, commission rates etc. Please let me know your offer, as well as link me to your previous work (if I don't have you on my list already). I am not after ripping anyone off, as a man who paints toy soldiers I appreciate art, but offers should remember, this is a one man operation, just an average guy. Not a big international corporation. This project has received interest from some very talented people, with some impressive resumes, but chances are if you have worked for big (or even minor) game companies I am not going to able to afford your talents!

There is also some legal mumbo jumbo regarding copyrights and claims etc. I will be requiring people to sign contracts, but honestly I want this part to be as fair, and as stress free as possible.

Very much looking forward to hearing from play testers and artist! Email me, please!


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