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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Perry Miniatures - ACW

I have been a fan of the Perry brothers work for many years now and was intrigued with the new plastic models that have arrived on the wargames scene, so I decided to get a box and see what they where like to paint up.

This blog focuses entirely on the ACW Infantry boxset, available from stockists, with an rrp of 15.00.

Here in the UK I bought this set from for 13.50 (10% discount) and free postage.

Initial Thoughts
Plastic is very easy to work with, and this box set is no exception. A few cuts here and there and a bit of scraping - all done with a sharp knife - and the majority of the models are ready to go.
There is a little assembly required, you get the option of standard bearer and musician, as well as a few models with different arm combinations, but mainly the choice is head wear - all the models need either a forage cap or a slouch hat added.

The Painting Plan
The price of these boxsets is remarkable value for 36 models, especially in 28mm, so this lead me to the idea that one could assemble a pretty large force, quickly and easily. I therefor wanted to get this regiment up and painted as quickly as possible. No 'Golden Demon' entry but a fast and attractive good wargames standard - aiming for mass effect over individual perfection.

The aim is for a unit of models that look good together.

Base Coats
As most people know there is a split camp between which is best as an undercoat - black or white.
I have been painting for many years and understand why a base coat is necessary, but I favour a colour that is closer to something I am going to be working with. That is why for these models I gave them an undercoat of Vallejo: Stormy Blue. This is a nice thick, strong colour, and means you can skip an undercoat and simply use it as a base coat.

I painted all the upper body of the models in Stormy Blue, then all the lower model in Games Workshop: Enchanted Blue.

The trousers where then given a coat of Vallejo: Electric Blue, leaving a little Enchanted Blue showing in the groves. The jackets where left with the base coat/undercoat. The idea being that using a flat colour as an undercoat the paint naturally dries a deeper colour in the grooves, and slightly lighter on the top surfaces, adding a depth of shade with no further work required.

Trappings and Flesh tone
From the artwork on the box and a little research I found that most of the models equipment was either black, or dark brown. So very little work was needed here.

For flesh I hate the 'pink' look on a lot of models. People aren't pink. I started with a base coat of Vallejo: Dwarf Skin, then a wash of Games Workshop: Flesh Wash. The highlights where picked out with Vallejo: Bronze Flesh tone.

Repeat this process and then a few hours later - voila!

Please click on on any of these photos for a larger image.

On the whole I am pleased with these models and with the box set itself. The models are well sculpted and paint up easy to a good result.

I am a professional artist and will be selling these regiments, fully painted and based, to the quality shown in the photographs. This deal includes 36x 28mm Perry Miniatures comprising of 3 Officers, 1 Standard Bearer, 1 Musician and 31 troopers. Fully based to your specifications on textured, detailed bases, and free worldwide postage.

All for 92.00GBP (150USD, 110E), that's just over 2.50 for a fully painted and based 28mm model, delivered to your door.

Dispatch time is 7-14 days from receipt of payment.
Please contact me to discuss an order, or for further details.

Also available for other commission work



1 comment:

  1. Hey!

    Enjoyed the walk through...

    If I may... I think your fellows would REALLY benefit from a dip! Check out the quickshade from Army Painter if you want a ready-mix, ready-to-go dip. I think it would really transform your work, as it really works wonders with neatly painted, clean figures, and yours are definitely that.

    If you want to take a look at some examples, take a look...

    Also, all of my 25mm ACW is dipped... so you can take a look at that...

    Keep it up!