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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

VIETNORK - Part 2: Troop choice, Uniform Guide, Ork Flesh

1000pts - bang on!
Flicking through the rulebook I managed to sort the models out into a reasonable straight 1000pts. Sticking with the Vietnam theme I wanted to make this as much about infantry as possible, so this "Plar'tun" consists of 3 Rifle sections (15men, including heavy weapon and Nob), a 5-ork burner team, and my first effort on 'Air Kavalry' with a squad of Stormboyz (Jump pack Infantry).

I may be tempted to buy some Defkoptas for this army, but as its already 1000pts and in the end I want to sell this, I really want to avoid spending money on it. But I suppose as the bikes are just in the list to make up the points, these could be removed and koptas added.


I tend to mainly use Vallejo paints these days so all the models received a base coat of 72067- Caymen Green, before being dry brushed with 72031- Camoflage Green.

Vallejo paints are hard to dry-brush with as they are very thin, giving the paint a good shake, and cleaning the brush several times of paint before the actual dry-brush seems to work best.

The only change to the models at this point is to the helmets. All spikes and furs, skulls etc have been removed and all helmets trimmed to create a standard 'round' GI helmet.


Once the uniform base coat and dry-brushing was complete I added a base layer of 72028 - Dark Green to all flesh areas on the models.

The muscles were then painted with a smudging of 72030 - Goblin Green. This was applied unevenly - thickly on some parts and on some models, and almost dry brushed onto others. The idea being that I didnt want all the Orks to be identical. The way I see Orks is varying shades of green! I always think the older, more grizzly the Ork, the darker more hagged his skin.

All the skin was then given a wash of Dark Green ink. With the somewhat erratic Goblin Green coat, now blending perfectly to create to finished skin tone. As you can imagine the differing layers/thickness of the Goblin Green on the other models gives a good mix of Ork ages.

The final photo is enlarged to show the effects of a simple dry-brushing over a base coat, as well as the finished skin.

Part 3 to follow soon - thanks for reading!

Feedback always appreciated.


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