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Sunday, 4 October 2020

Introducing - 'MATES RATES' my new promotion, coming soon

2020 has been a nightmare of a year for a lot of us, and surviving this year as a self-employed person has been an interesting endeavour to say the least..

However.. thanks to you good folks who have bought items from my store, or from me directly, and all those who have commissioned models for painting or scenery/terrain, I have managed to get through without closing shop.

For that support I am forever grateful, and I'd like to start giving a little something back in return.

So... welcome to my new promotion - MATES RATES!

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, 'Mates Rates' here in the UK means to give a substantial discount on prices because the buyer is a close friend or family member.

My promo will aim to give you the best price possible on an item as the price will be extremely close to the trade price I buy the item for!

Now.. such a deal has to come with a few caveats...

1. You must first earn 'BUDDY POINTS'. These points are easy and free to earn, and the main way to get them will be to either make a normal full price purchase from me, or commission painting/scenery/terrain.

You will earn 1pt for every full £10 you spend
. Only normal full price items will count. No Buddy Points will be earned on items already discounted, or items you haggle the price down on (this includes eBay offers.)

2. The price doesn't include postage. Sorry.. you'll still have to pay postage as normal.

3. You may have to wait a week or two for the items. As the price will be very close to trade price, I would have to order the items in specifically as I don't tend to hold much stock. I usually put an order in with most of my suppliers every couple of weeks or so.

How to earn Buddy Points

Every time you make a full price purchase from me, either directly, or though my eBay store, you will earn 1 Buddy Point for every £10.
Every painting commission and every scenery/terrain commission will also earn on the same ratio - 1pt for every £10.

For instance, if you purchased a Perry Miniatures Foot Knights box set at the rrp of £20, you would earn 2 Buddy Points.
If you commissioned painting worth £120, you would earn 12 Buddy Points.

How to spend Buddy Points

I am in the middle of putting together a new price list, and on this list, all the items I stock as new will have both a regular price and a 'Mates Rates' price.

You will be able to cash-in Buddy Points you have earned to make a purchase at the Mates Rates price.

For example, the Perry Miniatures Foot Knights box will have two prices which look like this

Perry Miniatures: Foot Knights, £20
Perry Miniatures: Foot Knights, MATES RATES £14

You will have needed to earn 14 Buddy Points - and cash them all in - before you could purchase the Foot Knights for £14.

Hopefully that's not too complex!

It will take me a little while before it goes live, so please check back soon!

1 comment:

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